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The 4x4 Off Roads site is dedicated to the love of 4x4 and off roads traveling. If you are anything like me you love to travel and get off the highway and out to the great outdoors!

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An offroad adventure to Kazakhstan! Photo: Vadim Bondar

An Offroad Adventure to Kazakhstan

A group of offroad adventurers take the kind of trip that most people can only dream of. Follow the extreme outdoorsmen from 4×4 Offroads on their journey across Eastern Europe and into Asia. You’re at work. Closed in your office, just after finishing off something you…

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4×4 Off Roads!

As the owner of I wanted to use this first post to introduce us and tell you about our mission. 4x4OffRoads helps 4×4 owners and off-roaders enjoy their 4×4 and experience safe off-road 4 wheeling. Spending time outdoors at exciting places with your friends and…

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