Andy and Tami McDaniels

Andy and Tami McDaniels

Andy McDaniels is the Sportsmen’s Outreach Coordinator for the National Wildlife Federation’s Vanishing Paradise Campaign. Andy works with hunters, anglers, outdoor media and the hunting and fishing industry throughout the United States. Andy also serves as the Conservation Director of Pro-Staff for Hardcore Decoys and He believes that conservation is the cornerstone of hunting and fishing, and he has committed himself to educating hunters and fishermen about the conservation issues that will affect our children and grandchildren. His effort on behalf of conservation and his outreach to hunters, anglers, congressional members, political groups, and citizen action organizations has been monumental. In 2003 and 2004 Andy was recognized for his work on State Wildlife Grants by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. His efforts on the Farm Bill garnered him the esteemed Charlie Shaw Conservation Partnership Award from the National Wildlife Federation in May 2008.

Tami is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma. She is a certified English teacher and freelance writer. She has published numerous articles on a variety of outdoor topics. Her most recent articles on outdoor subjects include 10 Indicators of a Quality Guide, The Anatomy of a Hunting Guide Website, Hunting Guides along the Corridor, and First Steps to Get Kids Hunting and Back into the Outdoors. In addition, she is the web content administrator for three websites. Her volunteer work includes managing web and social media sites, writing grants, organizing fundraising activities, and planning community events.

Areas of Expertise: Camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, conservation, and legislation

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A Sebile bait.

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My son Jeb equipped with the Thunder Chicken Turkey Vest from Robinson Outdoor Products, along with a turkey he successfully harvested in late spring.

Review: Thunder Chicken Turkey Vest

Autumn is right around the corner and with the forthcoming cooler weather and turning of the leaves, my mind starts to turn to thoughts of fall turkey hunting. One of the great things about living is Oklahoma is the diversity of ecosystems that are the…

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The MobileStrong Truck Bed  Storage Drawers are an excellent way to keep your gear safe, secure, and organized in your vehicle.

Review: MobileStrong Truck Bed Storage Drawers

I love my pickup truck, but its dimensions can be inconvenient when I have a group of friends or family going with me to camp, hunt, or fish. There just isn’t ever enough room in the cab for the camping gear, guns, and fishing equipment…

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LaCrosse's AeroHead Hunting Boots are comfortable, durable, and totally waterproof.

Review: LaCrosse AeroHead Hunting Boots

Oklahoma is known for having unpredictable weather. Most of the time when I go out hunting, I have to trudge through plenty of mud and water. I feel the perfect hunting boot should do two things: they should keep your feet dry and they should…

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