Anne Vinnola

I am a wife, mother and hunter and I love to help other women learn about hunting and shooting. I am VERY passionate that our hunting and shooting rights and heritage are preserved for future generations. My husband and I own the Colorado Institute of Taxidermy Training Inc, where for the last 24 years we have trained wildlife artists from all over the world. Annie Got Her Gun is all about hunting, shooting and promoting the people and products that make it possible as well as tips to get your trophy to the taxidermist safely. On AGHG I talk to the men and women who make the outdoors part of their lives and also those who fight legislatively for our hunting and Second Amendment rights and heritage. Women are some of the new movers and shakers of this industry and I talk about the classy gals that rock the outdoor world.

Areas of Expertise: Hunting, taxidermy, field care, women hunters, Second Amendment issues, outdoor product reviews

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pronh horn

Pronghorn Field Care

When we think of pronghorn, most of us refer to them as antelope, but they are not really from the antelope family at all. Pronghorns are a unique, North American species all their own with five subspecies. The main identifying characteristic separating the American pronghorn…

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