I have been camping for over 40 years and started ATV camping in 2000. ATV camping enables access to some unique back country campsites. I have become very knowledgeable on ATVs and combined with my camping knowledge I started the ATV Camping Blog writing about ATVs, camping, hunting and UTVs.

Areas of Expertise: ATV Camping - Camping in the back country using ATVs. Information about ATVs, camping and hunting

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Fall Hiking with Dogs

The fall is a unique time of year and one of my favorite times to be outdoors. The cooler temperatures and changing colors offer some great opportunities for riding ATVs, camping, hunting and hiking with my dogs in the back country. What I like best…

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ATVing the Argentine Pass/McClellan Mountain

It was a brisk morning in late September and I was heading up I-70 out of Denver to ride the trails around the Argentine Pass/McClellan Mountain area. This area is about nine miles southwest of Georgetown, Colorado and I was looking forward to this ride…

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Canoe/kayak camping

The Many Forms Of Camping

Camping is an outdoor leisure activity enjoyed by many. There are several different types of camping to suit the needs and desires of the individual. For most camping is a way to enjoy nature and get away from city life for a spell, usually at…

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Gas Pump

E15 Fuel and Your ATV

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently approved the use of E15 fuel in all cars and trucks manufactured in 2001 and newer, and you may start seeing it at your local gas station in the future. E15 fuel is comprised of 15% ethanol and 85%…

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