Austin Passamonte

Austin Passamonte

Lifetime fur trapper, hunter and fisherman. In the past I have run full-time traplines for raccoon, fox, mink and muskrat thru all phases of the season, all weather conditions. Wrote five self-published books and dozens of magazine articles on the educational aspects of wild fur trapping. Currently produce ezine site.

Areas of Expertise: Fur trapping, all hunting, fishing

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Q&A with Beka Garris a.k.a. “Wilderness Babe”

With interest of continuing to profile active outdoorsmen/women in the field, today we share a recent conversation with Beka Garris, aka “Wilderness Babe”. Austin: Tell us a little bit about yourself: who is Beka Garris? Beka: I was born and raised in northern New Jersey…

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Yote trapping

Along the Traplines Today

“Trapping? You mean people still do that these days?” “I used to trap years ago when (fill in the blank) and I’d like to get back into it.” “My (relative, neighbor) traps, and talking to him about this year it has me anxious to get…

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