Becky Lou Lacock

Becky Lou Lacock

Born and raised in Louisiana, my Outdoor adventures began just a short time ago, with a weekend workshop, B.O.W. 'Becoming an Outdoors Woman' in the Spring of 2000. A nationwide program , in Louisiana it is facilitated by the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Educational Dept. I was feeling a little adventurous, and chose “Intro to Shotgun” as one of my 4 workshops for the weekend.  I had never had the opportunity to shoot guns, and decided that this would be the perfect place to give it a shot! This course required a detailed Firearm Safety course held in a classroom the day before various guns handy for some “hands on” instruction. I was very anxious the day of shooting, but as it unfolded, with patient expert instructors by my side, (helping to muffle the voices inside of me shouting NO! NO! NO! You're a Girl! Its gonna hurt!)  I hit the second clay target, thus began my passion for Shooting! I absolutely LOVED it!!  I have always loved to fish, sharing many hours with the only outdoor influence in my life growing up, my mother Tommie Lou. She and I spent many hours in the Freshwater Marshes of SW Louisiana, searching for that elusive HOG (Large Mouth Bass) but also pulling in huge Redfish, Speckled trout & Flounder in and around the salt water lake "Big Lake". I always joke that we had to use our running lights to get out to the fishing spots, and we had to also needed them to come in, as we would spend all of the precious daylight fishing hard…. the days were always too short. That was the limit to any outdoor activity for me, but shortly after my "Shooting Incident" I met my husband Lou, and was introduced into hunting, starting with a west Texas whitetail hunt, at which point my life took a drastic turn from inside to "EXTREME OUTSIDE"!! Without a doubt, I am all girl,  I don't like bugs, critters, or Snakes, but because of my willingness to Take a Chance, I have learned that a little DIRT..or even or a TICK will not keep me from this new adventure!


With the first hunt of my life being shortly after the workshop, I understand first hand the skepticism that some women have to step outdoors, and I believe that most women just need to be aware of the resources readily available to them, along with a little pinch of encouragement. I have been fortunate to have both, for without it I would not be doing what I am today.


With great encouragement from Greg Martin of RealHuntersJournal, an online resource for outdoor information, I began writing, and going to the industry shows such as Shot Show, ATA, NWTF, and others to review the latest and greatest products in the industry. I met several wonderful people, and began to realize that the people behind the products, TV shows, and outfitters were just down home people, real people just like me! I think of it as a large family, and like most, they may not always agree on every method, design, or camo pattern, but all share a common dream, and ultimately work together to make that dream a reality for the rest of us. I have been blessed with a lot of energy and enthusiasm that just seems to spill out onto everyone around me, I love people and Lord only knows how I like to talk, and over the past few years I have been encouraged to take more of an active part to promote women in the outdoors. I was invited on several exciting hunts to experience many new adventures, and share them. With a style all my own, I have really enjoyed writing. Loaded with lots of adventures and information to share, I started my own website in 2009, The following year I was asked to participate in a Reality Television series with 5 other women, consisting of 11 episodes. Somehow with my determination, some skill, and a lot of luck, I won the first season competition!! The show was a success, and continues on each year for a new season with 6 new contestants and many new challenges.  . In 2010 I was honored to be named Pro Staff for Commando Call Products. I do a lot of freelance writing for many websites and most recently InterMedia Outdoors with an article in print for Dec/Jan 2011/2012 nationwide Game & Fish and also Sportsman. I have a trademark phrase, “Camo can be Classy”TM for women like me that are 110% all girl, but can enjoy the outdoors to whatever level we desire! I have grown to believe that if you Love Life it will Love you back! I hope to provide some information, encouragement and inspiration for women to get out in the Great Outdoors. It has made such a difference in my life, and I truly believe that I am Happier and Healthier because of it! Shooting may not be for everyone, but it is definitely worth a SHOT!

Areas of Expertise: Social Platforming, Hunting, Cooking, Photography, Journalism, Cowboy Action Competition

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