Benjamin T. Lambright

Benjamin T. Lambright
I'm a poet and and author. I received my BA in Creative Writing from Central Michigan University and I am pursuing my MFA in Poetry at Sarah Lawrence College. My work has appeared in The Greatest Lakes Review, The North Central Review, Dexter magazine, Open Palm Print, newspapers, magazines, bathroom stalls, the backs of highway billboards, under bridges and other, stranger, places.

Areas of Expertise: Hiking, zombie apocalypse preparation, outdoor filming and photography, relaxing in nature

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Amazing Video: The World’s Largest Rope Swing

As a filmmaker and adventurer, Devin Graham gives adrenaline junkies something to tide them over between fixes. He’s also on his way to becoming a YouTube legend. His channel is nearing 170,000,000 views thanks to amazing videos like this one. This video was filmed in…

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