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Nick Hopkins 30 Years Old Idaho  I've had a passion for the outdoors since i could walk. Growing up on a farm i would say gave me the passion i still carry today. I started shooting a recurve bow when i was 5 years old. My main passion is archery hunting but i have been known to pick up a rifle now and then. I've been fortunate enough to have taken over 65+ animals with a bow of which 12 or so have qualified for pope and young. We started a cnc machine and manufacturing facility back in 1999 where we have manufactured products for several big name companies in the archery, camping and hunting industry. In 2005 I started a small archery proshop while pursing my business degree here in idaho. My archery store has grown to be very successful and has stayed strong through, tough times, economic conditions, competition and box stores. Today we offer 5 major bowlines and thousands of archery accesories. I attended and was a graduate of Bowtech University and learned what i know from experience and the people i surrounded myself around in the industry. I am sponsored by Vital Gear, Rocky Mountain Packs, Boarmasters and Invisible Hunter Scent Elimination.  Boarmasters Wildlife Attractants was started in 2003.  We are gaining momentum each and every year.  We offer 20+ products to attract all kinds of wildlife including Deer, Bear, Hogs, Foxes, Coyotes, coons.....etc.  We have just introduced our new Hog and Bear Urines.  Our urines are 100% fresh and shipped in often to provide the freshest hog and bear urine on the market.  At this point we do not offer any synthetic products.  All of our products  and product ingredients  are USA made and are from natural resources.  contacts us if you are interested in our products or becoming a dealer of our products.  

Areas of Expertise: Bear Hunting, Bear Baiting, Hog Trapping and Hunting, Deer Baiting, and Elk calling, Bow Tuning,

Sponsors: Vital Gear, Rocky Mountain Packs, Boarmasters Wildlife Attractants, Athens Archery, BearHunters Online Magazine

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Bear Baiting Tips

Sitting on my tree stand I could see three bears on the next ridge in the brush, scattered across a distance of 100 to 400 yards away. I was running out of light and I couldn’t understand why they weren’t coming to my bait. I…

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bear bait 1

Using Scents for Bear Hunting

What is Bear Bait? Bear bait is basically a pheromone or flavor scent used to attract bears to specific locations. Baits based off of pheromones can be used to mimic a female bear in heat or the urine smell of another animal. Baits based off…

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Dominant boar

More Hog Hunting Tips and Tricks

Boarmasters has graciously provided us with some more of their proven boar hunting tips. Check out their guide for baiting and luring here. Don’t pile your bait up on top of the ground! Use a post hole digger and dig a hole as narrow and…

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Boarmasters Snares 1

How To Make Homemade Wild Hog Snares

Here are the materials you’ll need to make a homemade hog snare: 10 feet of 1/8″ galv aircraft cable one 1/8″ Berkshire extra heavy duty lock Two single ferrules (stops) One double ferrule One Wammy (homemade) You will also need the following tools: Cable cutters…

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Baiting and Luring Wild Boar

Baits and lures are one of the best ways to take a boar. Their natural food sources include: Acorns, snakes, salamanders, grubs, crawfish, fresh plant roots, etc. Dry corn works great, but it can take a while for them to find it. Sour mash can…

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