Bob Gwizdz

Bob Gwizdz
Career-long newspaper outdoor writer with long-time gigs in Mississippi, Texas and Michigan. Took early retirement in 2007. Thousands of magazine credits over a 35-year period including Bassmaster, Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Salmon-Trout-Steelhead, American Angler, American Hunter and many more. Currently writing a weekly, self-syndicated hunting and fishing column in Michigan.

Areas of Expertise: Hunting and fishing

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An angler nets a Lake Michigan salmon in summer.

The Best Ports for Michigan Salmon

Salmon fishing, always a big part of the summer angler’s agenda in Michigan, heats up in the second half of summer as the weather stabilizes and fish begin moving into the areas they’ll stage in before making their annual spawning runs. Now’s the time to…

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Bluegills are practically everywhere on Michigan's inland lakes.

Fish Michigan’s Inland Lakes Now

No one seems to really know how many inland lakes there are in Michigan. Estimates typically run in the 9,000 range. But if you consider anything over one acre a lake (something most of us would call a pond), there are more than twice that…

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This smallmouth bass came from the Grand River in July.

Why July is the Best Month for Michigan Fishing

Stable weather is an angler’s friend, and July provides perhaps the most stable weather of the year in Michigan. Many anglers believe it offers the best fishing, too. There are good reasons. Less wind and less-frequent rains improve water clarity. River levels are more stable…

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Although mostly known for smallmouths, Lake St. Clair boasts excellent largemouths, too.

Lake St. Clair Offers Prime Summer Bass Fishing

Ask 10 bass fishermen to rattle off the best bass lakes in Michigan and if nine of them don’t mention Lake St. Clair right off the bat, there’s something wrong with your sample. Lake St. Clair is and always has been one of the best bass…

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