Bob Gwizdz

Bob Gwizdz
Career-long newspaper outdoor writer with long-time gigs in Mississippi, Texas and Michigan. Took early retirement in 2007. Thousands of magazine credits over a 35-year period including Bassmaster, Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Salmon-Trout-Steelhead, American Angler, American Hunter and many more. Currently writing a weekly, self-syndicated hunting and fishing column in Michigan.

Areas of Expertise: Hunting and fishing

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Hand-sized bluegills will take almost any bait presented near bottom in fall.

Autumn Bluegills Biting in Western Michigan

John Hojnacki made a name for himself as a steelhead angler. But when the 57-year-old grocery store produce manager called the other day, he was all excited about something completely different: bluegills. “It’s stupid good,” Hojnacki said. “We went out there other day at one…

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Paul Zeman poses with his grouse and Zoey.

Hunting Hard for Northern Michigan Ruffed Grouse

By now, most Michigan bird hunters understand that ruffed grouse populations are cyclical. They seem to run on a 10-year cycle (peak to peak) with the inevitable trough about halfway between the best of times. Exactly why this is, no one knows. And right now,…

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Joe Robison retrieves giant Canada geese from a cut wheat field in Southeast Michigan.

Michigan Goose Hunting is a Dream Come True

The geese—a flock of about 30—came from upwind, flying toward our decoy set from behind us. They seemed fixated on our dekes, ignoring the well-grassed, A-Frame blind the four of us occupied. As they lost altitude, Joe Robison, the ramrod on this early season goose…

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