Bob Gwizdz

Bob Gwizdz
Career-long newspaper outdoor writer with long-time gigs in Mississippi, Texas and Michigan. Took early retirement in 2007. Thousands of magazine credits over a 35-year period including Bassmaster, Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Salmon-Trout-Steelhead, American Angler, American Hunter and many more. Currently writing a weekly, self-syndicated hunting and fishing column in Michigan.

Areas of Expertise: Hunting and fishing

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Miles Hanley built an affordable steelhead boat so he could catch river fish, like this 12-pounder.

Plugs for Kalamazoo River Steelhead

Miles Hanley is a bass fisherman and, as you might guess, spends a lot of time in a bass boat. But when autumn arrives—and the steelhead begin heading upstream—Hanley is glad to switch gears and target the rainbows. The bass boat is not exactly well-suited…

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Jim Zimmerman shines his headlamp at a treed raccoon so he can shoot it.

Raccoon Hunting: A Whole Different Ball Game

Jim Zimmerman acknowledges that most of the guys he takes hunting don’t get it at all. “Most people think I’m crazy,” said Zimmerman, a 61-year-old recent retiree who hunts mostly in Gratiot County, not far from his home. “I have a lot of people who…

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Alex Koptyev adjusts the crosshairs on the scope of Alex Webster's 7mm Magnum to where the bullet hit.

Setting Your Sights on Michigan Firearms Deer Season

Checked the calendar lately? Firearms deer season—probably the single biggest day in Michigan outdoors—is bearing down on us like a runaway train. And while it may be a little late in the game to start making all new plans for the November 15 opener, there’s…

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Retired Department of Natural Resources biologist Jeff Greene admires a Michigan woodcock.

Birds of the North Woods: Michigan Woodcock Hunting

Ask anyone; woodcock are birds of the north woods, right? So go North, young man. But when you look at it from a more national, less Michigan-centric perspective, well, southern Michigan pretty much is the north woods, isn’t it? I’ve been mulling this over in…

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