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bonedriven Launches New Hunting Show: Bonedriven!

The creators of the successful archery and hunting website are very proud to announce the launch of their new hunting show, will complement the already popular HuntSeries to bring exciting hunts, gear reviews and informative and helpful tips related to the gear…

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Bonedriven Acquired by John Allen Group LLC

John Allen Group LLC, owners of have acquired Bone Driven from Visual Vantage.  Dave Thomas President of BowHunterPlanet comments, “We are excited to make this announcement along with addition of new Prostaff members Mike Pearce and Cori Upper.  Bone Driven will be hosted by…

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MCA's 2012

Vote Now! Members’ Choice Awards

Voting has now started for the 2012 best of the best for the BHP Members’ Choice Awards (MCAs). Consumers can now vote online till August 1st to get their selections in for the best outdoors companies in 2012. Categories inculde best bow company, crossbow, release, sight, boot, suppression,…

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Tom Smith 200 Yard Shot with Darton Fireforce Crossbow

Video: 200 Yard Crossbow Shot

Do you think a crossbow could shoot 200 yards on target? If you answered yes, you would be correct. Former United States Marine Sniper and BowHunterPlanet Pro staffer, Tom Smith, completed an accurate 200 yard shot on Memorial Day 2012, using a Darton Fireforce Crossbow.…

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Review: Alpen Optics – Putting it to the Test

I recently had the pleasure to test out the Apex 10×42 Binoculars in Mossy Oak pattern camo and the #742 Spotting Scope Kit from Alpen Optics. I received these in June and since then have put them through the ringer. My goal with these was…

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