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Brett Parker

Brett Parker

Brett is a passionate hunter, shooter and outdoor enthusiast. In over 20 years of hunting, he has trailed game on three continents - North America, Europe and Africa. He is also a passionate rifleman, handgunner and a dedicated follower of gadgetry.

These qualifications add up to him having some interesting thoughts to share on all things guns and hunting.

Areas of Expertise: Passionate hunter, shooter, and outdoor enthusiast.

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Late Season Bruiser

Like most natives of the northeast, I grew up hunting whitetails in relatively small woodlots with high hunting pressure.  This did not afford the opportunity to hunt mature whitetails.  It wasn’t until I started hunting west of the Mississippi, that I found the supreme challenge…

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Predators On Their Turf

In the fall of 2008, I received a new FoxPro FX5 electronic game call in the mail.  When my wife called to let me know that the package had arrived, I was ecstatic.  This is a top-of-the-market caller that I have been wanting for some…

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Review: 338 RCM: Big Power – Small Package

338 RCM: Big Power – Small Package Generally, when someone refers to some “New” cartridge, it is just that – New. On occasion, a new cartridge is something more. The 338 Ruger Compact Magnum (or RCM for short), housed in Ruger’s handy Hawkeye rifle is…

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