Brooks Johnson

Brooks Johnson

Brooks Johnson has been active in the bow hunting industry for close to 20 years. He successfully cofounded and sold Double Bull Archery, and learned a lot about both turkeys and bowhunting along the way.

He loves traditional sticks, swing blade heads, and the tug of a night time catfish.


Areas of Expertise: Turkey hunting, bow hunting

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Turkey Decoys: How Many and Which Ones?

“How many turkey decoys should I put out?” is a very common question. The question itself has no correct or incorrect answer, so let’s look at some of the most common turkey decoy set ups and why they are popular. How many turkey decoys should…

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Fall Turkey Hunting Tips

Fall turkeys split into two types of flocks each year, and your call cadence and technique depends on whether or you targeting toms or hens with their young. Toms hang with toms in the fall, and hens stick with their young. You may find both…

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Simple Turkey Decoy Tips

The best turkey decoy is not magic The best turkey decoy is a tool to be used as part of a larger plan, and a solid plan is what you need to consistently score on mature toms.  I am going to dumb it way down…

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Turkey Decoy Fan Tilt

Turkey Decoys and Gobbling Fans

Turkey decoys need some fanning Turkey decoys are working the way you want when that tom’s tail fan is pointed in their direction. When a tom struts for a specific turkey, he will ‘point’ his fan at the turkey. He is doing his best to…

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