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Colin Anthony

Areas of Expertise: Trapping, bowhunting, and survival

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Shadows of Katmai

Review: Cabela’s Shadows of Katmai for Wii

I’m what you might call a mixed breed. My passions are hunting, trapping and tracking. Some folks would see me as a rough neck good ol’ boy, but I prefer to call myself an old fashioned woodsman. Now the other side of me is a…

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Life Saving Gear

Best Gifts to Give in 2011: Life Saving Gear

The best gift you could give a person is life, right? If it’s one thing that kills a buzz around a campfire or destroys a Christmas morning it’s the story of a hunter that fell from a tree stand, the duck boat that capsized or…

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Vanguard 2

Review: Vanguard 204BK Tripod

Have you ever been guilty of buying multiples of the same products just in case they stop making it or because you wear the product out with heavy use? I don’t have multiples of the Vanguard 204BK Tripod yet, but I’m going to as soon…

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Leupold RCX-1 Trail Camera System

Review: Leupold RCX-1 Trail Camera

Owning the “Mack Daddy” of a particular type of product can be a good thing or a bad thing. Usually the bad part about owning something that is top-shelf is that you almost instantly want to throw out all the lower quality items in your…

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Wildgame Innovations IR4, by Colin B. Anthony

Review: Wildgame Innovations IR4 Scouting Camera

For the past five years I’ve seen the trail camera industry quickly and dramatically evolve. New features like infrared flash, multi shot and video have now become almost standard. Heck, now you can even view your trail camera photos from your home without stepping foot in woods. Overall,…

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