Cliff Hunter

Cliff Hunter

My passion is alpine Mule Deer hunting with a bow and arrow. I studied biology and writing at Western Oregon University. I spend my summers backpacking in the mountains studying Mule Deer and developing strategies for killing trophy mule deer bucks. I have presented some of my research "Mule Deer bedding behavior on high-elevation summer ranges" at the national Ecological Society of America conference in 2011. I am currently writing a book to share all of the great things the mountains have taught me over the past five years.
I run a small taxidermy shop in Boring Oregon called Buck & Bull Taxidermy. I specialize in north american big game. I have ran this business for 5 years now and love it simply because it get to meet so many great people to share hunting experiences with.

Areas of Expertise: Mule deer behavior and stalking strategies, Archery Hunting, Botany, Biology, Writing,Taxidermy

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Quick shot of a buck

Use Personality Traits to Harvest Mature Bucks: Part Two

Different Personalities Individual mule deer personality has been overlooked for too long. This may be because many hunting styles don’t allow or require a hunter to identify the personality traits of their prey, or it may be due to the moral complications that arise within…

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Mountainside Skinner

Review: Lone Wolf Mountainside Skinner

My favorite hunting spot lays three miles (and 3,000 feet in elevation) up into some of the wildest mountains around. This makes for a tough, rugged hunt along jagged mountain ridges and cliff edges, and just making it there and back in one piece is…

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