Daniel Xu

Daniel Xu
I'm the knife nut that everybody is ashamed to know. My love of sharp things extends to all kinds of edged weapons, be they small, large or on a stick.

Areas of Expertise: Knives, tactical gear, medieval warfare and weaponry

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Bull elk aren't the most perceptive of creatures, but in the rut, they are almost blind to anything other than a cow or rival bull.

9 of the Closest Elk Bowhunts You Will Ever See

Hunting elk with bow and arrow can sometimes lead to up-close and personal encounters. That is especially true if you’re sneaking up on bulls and waiting until the last minute before calling. A combination of adequate cover and the right gear can render an experienced…

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Is this a mutant deer? Not exactly.

7 Freaky Examples of “Cactus Buck” Syndrome

Is that a cactus growing out of that buck’s head? Hunters who have never seen a so-called “cactus buck” may be utterly bewildered the first time they spot one of these strange deer. These bucks show no interest in mating, sometimes have the body of…

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