Daniel Xu

Daniel Xu
I'm the knife nut that everybody is ashamed to know. My love of sharp things extends to all kinds of edged weapons, be they small, large or on a stick.

Areas of Expertise: Knives, tactical gear, medieval warfare and weaponry

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Who doesn't want to put an EOTech on a $4,300 Hi-Point? At that point you're kind of obligated to.

The 16 Most Ludicrously Customized Cheap Guns

There is nothing inherently wrong with cheap firearms. Affordable guns that fall between the $300 and $500 mark fulfill a vital purpose, and that is providing firearms to those who can’t afford the Wilson Combats of the world. However, when you’re buying a gun that only cost…

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If it's your first fish of the day, should you let it go?

Quiz: How Superstitious of an Angler are You?

Are you a superstitious person? Do you run away from black cats, push redheads off your boat, and kiss the first fish you catch? If so, odds are that you have some kind of superstition, even if you may not have all of them. Some of these…

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Somebody should probably tell this man about trigger discipline.

The 10 Countries with the Most Guns in Private Hands

Every wonder which countries have the most firepower in private hands? This article lists off those nations. Unlike most lists that cover this subject, ours will be based on total amount of privately-owned firearms rather than guns per capita. Data is taken from Small Arms Survey. Honorable mentions…

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Quiz: Can You Identify the Bows Used in These Blockbuster Films?

It seems that bows and crossbows are gaining popularity in Hollywood, with films like The Hunger Games and The Avengers featuring bow-wielding heroines and heroes and zombie hunters like Daryl Dixon heading up acclaimed TV shows like The Walking Dead. Hollywood isn’t the biggest fan of accuracy, so…

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