Daniel Xu

Daniel Xu
I'm the knife nut that everybody is ashamed to know. My love of sharp things extends to all kinds of edged weapons, be they small, large or on a stick.

Areas of Expertise: Knives, tactical gear, medieval warfare and weaponry

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When he's not in the field, Shaq told reporters that he was also a fan of deer hunting video games and apps as well. Image from Keith Allison on the Wikimedia Commons.

7 More Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Hunters

Last month we covered seven female celebrities that you may not have known are hunters, so it is only proper to follow up with a list of seven male stars who are as equally keen about the great outdoors. These movie stars, musicians, and athletes…

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Have you ever seen someone pop a balloon at 1,000 yards with a revolver? No? Well, scroll down.

10 Long Range Target Shots That Defy Physics

The last time you hit the rifle range, you probably did not spend half of the time there doing math. However, that changes when you want to stretch the limits of what current firearms technology and the laws of physics will allow. If you want…

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The skull of a "unicorn" deer harvested in Slovenia.

What Makes Deer Grow Strange Antlers?

Like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two sets of antlers are ever exactly alike. For humans they are a source of fascination and can be surprisingly useful, if the tools of our early ancestors and the powder flasks of the 19th century are any indicator. For…

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