Daniel Xu

Daniel Xu
I'm the knife nut that everybody is ashamed to know. My love of sharp things extends to all kinds of edged weapons, be they small, large or on a stick.

Areas of Expertise: Knives, tactical gear, medieval warfare and weaponry

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Image from Wknight94 on the Wikimedia Commons.

10 of the Most Expensive and Notorious Guns in the World

There are expensive guns, and then there are these. Even the most wealthy of collectors will find it exceedingly difficult to procure one of these firearms, and each is a notable piece of history on its own. Due to their historical significance and desirability, these weapons…

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thigh carry

7 Concealed Carry Options When in a Dress

Summer is in full swing and you know what that means: dresses. Winter may not be the most pleasant of seasons, but at least it was at lot easier to carry a concealed firearm. Summer is a completely different beast, and especially if you’re wearing…

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This tiny critter is only about one centimeter long, but they come in crowds.

Quiz: Can You Identify These Disgusting Deer Parasites?

Whatever you do, don’t take this quiz while you’re eating. The odds are that if you’re a hunter, you’ve found the occasional grub or two in deer. That’s pretty common and many deer parasites have absolutely no ill affects on humans. Still, it can be pretty…

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