Daniel Xu

Daniel Xu
I'm the knife nut that everybody is ashamed to know. My love of sharp things extends to all kinds of edged weapons, be they small, large or on a stick.

Areas of Expertise: Knives, tactical gear, medieval warfare and weaponry

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Video: Crazy Bolt-action Shotgun has a Terrifying Hangfire

The TOZ-106 is a strange and fascinating little gun with a reputation for being difficult to operate. Well-known in some survivalist circles, this bolt-action shotgun is designed for hunting small game or wilderness defense. However, it also boasts quite a kick, and according to those…

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Video: When You Evict Your Dumpster Bear

Bears are notorious for dumpster diving, and in this case, the term is quite literal. This video was taken in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, when a man discovered a bear hiding out in a dumpster behind a store. Amusingly, the man recording the encounter sounds like…

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Video: Shark Bites Another Shark Clean in Half

Fair warning, if you have a weak stomach, you may want to skip this video. Sharks are oftentimes the undisputed masters of the ocean, but that doesn’t mean that they are necessarily safe from other sharks. After all, there are plenty of shark¬†species large and…

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