Dave Mull

Dave Mull
The former editor of Great Lakes Angler Magazine, Dave Mull is an avid angler and hunter. Originally from Indiana, Mull has lived in Michigan for more than 20 years and enjoys documenting all manner of outdoor excursions with keyboard and cameras.

Areas of Expertise: Great Lakes fishing, kayak fishing, bird hunting, and waterfowling

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Todd Achterhof, Andrea and Kevin Essenburg, and Gabe pose with two geese taken at the Fennville Farm Managed Hunt Unit in southwest Michigan.

A Goose Gamble in Southwest Michigan Pays Off

Part of the fun of hunting a waterfowl area managed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is selecting the right zone to set up your decoys. The right one means you’ll have opportunities to down a duck or goose. Pick wrongly and you can…

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Cameron Simot prepares to release a bluegill that didn’t quite measure up enough to be counted in the Gull Lake Marine Kayak Tournament held in October. Cameron finished second in the contest, topping a field of mostly older and more experienced kayak anglers.

The Kayak Kid Cashes in on Michigan Fall Fishing

Black Friday, 2011, was a life-changing day for then-15-year-old Cameron Simot of Fruitport, Michigan. That’s the day he bought his first kayak (on sale of course) and started fishing with it. “I always loved fishing, but never had a boat—a kayak was all I could…

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The current limit of two gallons of bait isn’t a lot by the standards of yesteryear when Michigan deer hunters could pile up as much as they wanted. Adding aromatic vanilla extract and peanut butter can help deer find it.

Michigan Firearms Deer Season: Better Bait Than Never

I admire those guys who hunt Michigan deer all year ’round, and I’m not talking about poachers. Lots of perfectly ethical Michigan hunters don’t limit their pursuit of whitetails to the open season. They plant food plots, often in open areas in the woods, providing…

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