Edward Pierz

Edward Pierz
I enjoy nearly all types of outdoor activities, especially those which allow me to travel to new and exciting locations. I love power sports whether they are on the water, roads, trails, or simply on untraversed terrain. I also have a particular obsession with anything riding on two wheels. As an avid motorcycle rider I try to spend as much time as possible on my bike, which in turn has allowed me to explore some of Michigan's most enchanting wilderness areas. Additionally, I enjoy and participate in many types of shooting sports, both recreational and competitive. I guess I try to do a little bit of every thing outdoors, and I am constantly searching for new and exciting outdoor activities.

Areas of Expertise: Power sports, shooting, fishing, cycling, snow boarding, wilderness survival

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Photo: This Eagle Just Learned How to Carry a Knife

Dutch photographer Han Bouwmeester captured this shocking photograph in Västerbotten, Sweden last year. He was trying to attract birds of prey by cutting cutting up some meat to attract the predators. It worked, but instead of grabbing the meat this golden eagle swooped down and…

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Will Burrard-Lucas captured this amazing footage of migrating wildebeest over the course of five days.

Video: Epic Time-lapse Wildebeest Migration

This amazing time-lapse footage was shot over five days in Northern Serengeti, Tanzania. The Serengeti wildebeest migration involves over 1 million of these animals and thanks to Will Burrard-Lucas we get to see the true enormity of it in time-lapse form.


PHOTOS: The Ultimate Hunting Lodge, with a Twist

This “hunting lodge” would not be out of place in rural Montana or Idaho. However, the creator of this man cave decided to recreate the hunting lodge experience in his own suburban basement. He even went so far as to create fake windows with lights…

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22 trickshot

Video: .22 Trick Shooter Hits Swinging Dental Floss at 10 Yards

Most people have seen trick shooters cut a rope with a shot, or two, which is very impressive. In this video the shooter cuts swinging dental floss! Dental floss is much thinner than most ropes, making the marksman’s feat even more impressive. Watch the video below of  22plinkster hitting dental floss at…

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