Fowled Reality

Fowled Reality
Successful waterfowl hunting requires more than just walking to a marsh or a blind and pulling the trigger. Careful planning, preparation, and knowledge of waterfowl are required. There are so many aspects of waterfowl hunting that get overlooked. Both seasoned waterfowl hunters and first-timers often get a false sense of reality when watching typical waterfowl hunting videos. We're out to change this. Fowled Reality focuses on more than just the hunt. We aim to both educate and entertain. Our videos feature the work and stories that go into waterfowl hunting. Through careful planning and scouting, we strive to capture successful hunts from across the country, but not every hunt is filled with limits of ducks and geese. We are not afraid to show the hunts that didn't go as planned and explain what went wrong. Fowled Reality offers a unique perspective on waterfowl hunting versus the typical video. Follow along with us as we chase the migration and capture the highs and the lows experienced in waterfowl hunting.

Areas of Expertise: Waterfowl hunting

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Every hunter should continue training their dog through the off-season to keep him or her sharp.

Off-Season Retriever Training

It’s that time of the year again. The off-season–that time of year when we pack all of our hunting supplies up and shove them into a hole in the basement until fall rolls around again.  While dust collects on decoys, bags and other miscellaneous hunting gear,…

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Duck Gumbo

Fowled Reality’s Duck Gumbo Recipe

Many methods for cooking duck involve bacon, cheese, or a grill. This one doesn’t! It’s time consuming and requires a lot of ingredients, but it’s worth it! There are many ways to make gumbo, but here is one we like to use. This recipe for…

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