John M. Buol Jr.
Director, Firearm User Network

I started my shooting career in my High School days, participating in local, unsanctioned Smallbore events.

After graduating Army IET (basic training) I realized that the Army does not know how to train marksmanship and began competing seriously, first starting with USPSA Limited class (iron sight practical pistol) and National Guard-hosted combat matches through college.

After graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Management Computer Systems, along with a certificate in Gunsmithing, a Master classification from USPSA and IDPA, and a few Leg points, I eventually found the Small Arms Training Team and met members of the US Army Reserve Shooting Team.

I joined SATT in 1999 and would spend the next decade, and most of that on active duty, as a full-time small arms instructor. During this time I picked up conventional pistol (NRA bullseye) and conventional rifle (High Power), but my primary discipline was the combat matches hosted by NATO. I managed four big overall wins at All Army (2005, 2006, 2008, 2010) along with a host of trophies for individual and team matches there and at AFSAM (Armed Forces Skill at Arms Meeting.)

After completing active duty, I was hired as the Editor of American Gunsmith magazine and founded the Firearm User Network to promote organized shooting events.

Areas of Expertise: Marksmanship, small arms instructor, competition shooter, field shooting, hunting

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Review: The Art Of The Tactical Carbine, Volume 1

The Good In terms of production value (videography, editing, etc.) The Art Of The Tactical Carbine is easily one of the best shooting instructional DVDs I’ve seen. Chris Costa and Travis Haley are knowledgeable and charismatic, giving a wealth of useful info on tactical/dynamic/fighting/combat/real-world/practical/[choose your descriptor]…

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Hunter education has proven very successful but on-going attendance at events for hunters, at least once or twice before the season opens, is vital or the lessons are lost.

Lessons Learned from Hunter Education: Keep Learning!

This article comes courtesy of John M. Buol, Jr. of Check out his site for more articles like this. When I was volunteering as a certified hunter education instructor for the Wisconsin DNR, they published a compiled list of statistics for each season’s hunt. Being…

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The .30-30 Drill can be shot with any rifle. The idea is shoot from a realistic field position to determine if the hunter's current skill warrants anything more than a .30-30 WCF.

Shooting Skills for Hunters: The .30-30 Drill

This article comes courtesy of John M. Buol, Jr. of Check out his site for more articles like this. The effective range of the .30-30 is about 150-170 yards. Some of the wizzy new Magnums can outperform this by roughly 300 percent, at least on…

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