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Hard Core Decoys
The Hard Core Brands International team consists of passionate hunters who are focused on excellence, driven by desire and are fast becoming a dominant player in the waterfowl industry. Our mission and goals are simple: Customer Service Customer Service Customer Service The Hard Core Brands International products are a direct reflection of Mother Nature herself. Our decoys' lifelike features are second to none; even the real birds show an interest.

Areas of Expertise: Waterfowl hunting

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When you're waterfowling on public land, you've got to have a few techniques up your sleeve to ensure you get the birds your'e after.

Waterfowling on Public Land

When you’re not field hunting for ducks and geese, chances are you’re going to have to hit some public land to chase waterfowl. As we all know from experience, hunting on public land and water has its challenges as well as its rewards. Here are…

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It's a sad fact, but waterfowlers all know that at some point we're going to lose a bird we shot. I don't know about you, but I remember every one.

A Real Wild Goose Chase

We can’t hunt every day, right? I mean, there are some days when we just can’t get out. There’s work and stuff around the house, not to mention those pesky things your wife asks you to do. I was having one of those days. I…

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The Deluxe Wader Bag by Hard Core

Built specifically for waterfowl hunters Hard Core Brands, who is quickly becoming the dominant player in the waterfowl industry announces their new Deluxe Wader Bag. The new Deluxe Wader is a feature-packed bag designed specifically for waterfowl hunters. The Deluxe Wader Bag features a waterproof…

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