In Search of Whitetails

In Search of Whitetails
Dan Koboldt is an avid bowhunter who pursues whitetail deer and turkey in the Midwest, primarily on public land near urban areas. His articles on In Search of Whitetails include bowhunting stories, scouting reports, hunting strategies, and studies of turkeys and whitetail deer.

Areas of Expertise: Bowhunting for whitetail deer and turkeys, hunting strategies, and woodcraft

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Spring Turkey Hunting: Opening Day

My family has a cabin in north-central Missouri where we stay occasionally. There are thousands of acres of public land nearby, but all I care about is a 50-acre section of wooded ridges where I know the turkey population pretty well. Two years ago, I…

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Spring Turkey Hunting Tips

Turkey hunting is one of the most challenging and thrilling experiences that the woods have to offer. Contrary to popular belief, hunting turkeys successfully doesn’t require much experience or investment. If Jase and Si can do it on Duck Commander with a full camera crew…

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Ten Off-season Hunting Tips for a Better Next Year

Well, it’s the off-season. Deer and turkey hunting seasons are closed, and opening day for either seems a long way off. It’s the hunter’s lull, the long stretch of non-hunting that we dread every year. This time, I won’t let my fall-hunting self down. I’ve…

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Shooting Range Design and Operation

This weekend I took two of my grandfather’s guns to the August A. Busch shooting range operated by the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). Pickup trucks and cars crowded the gravel parking lot. It was a sunny but frigid Saturday afternoon, and the range was packed. Men and…

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Deer Hunting in Snow: Advantages and Disadvantages

The new year brought a priceless gift toward the end of this year’s bowhunting season: an inch of accumulating snow. This might not seem surprising for Missouri. An inch of snow is nothing! Yet after a record drought and a winter that (so far) has…

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