From birth to nine years old, I spent plenty of time in the woods with my family hunting and camping. After that, I spent from nine till seventeen in Toledo Ohio. The time away from the woods only fueled my fire to get back to it. I moved back to Tennessee where I became a hunter on my own. Then after sixteen years, I moved to Indiana where I fell in love with the Hoosier National Forest. I then found out there were wild hogs near by and it stayed in my mind as I hunted other animals. After surviving the first sighting and fight with a wild hog, it became my mission to try like crazy to rid these woods of these horrible animals. So far I have killed over a hundred wild hogs and don't plan to stop. I have had some set backs with surgeries and such, but I dont stay away too long. I am allways looking for new methods of baiting, trapping, and hunting these hogs! . They learn quickly so you have to stay on your toes.

Areas of Expertise: Wild hog hunting, whitetail hunting, turkey hunting and more

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Aligator turtle

Nine Year Old Captures Indiana’s Rarest Turtle

On Thursday, July 19, Gunner Neal and his grandpa headed out in their canoe to check their drop lines at Cypress Lake near Seymour, Indiana. Gunner told me they had baited the lines with cut bluegill and were having good luck catching good-sized catfish. They…

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Wild Hog Experiences in Indiana

When you go hog hunting the way I do, using a digital camcorder is hard to do because the action is usually fast and furious. The way it has always gone is: we find the hogs, make the shot or shots, and then turn on…

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