James Swan

James Swan
James A. Swan, Ph.D is the Co-Executive Producer of the hit reality TV series "Wild Justice" on the National Geographic Channel; and the Producer of the 66-minute documentary "Endangered Species: CA Fish and Game Wardens" narrated by Jameson Parker. James is the author and/or co-author of 10 award-winning non-fiction books about environmental psychology published world-wide in four languages, including two Book of the Month Club selections Sacred Places, and The Sacred Art of Hunting; and Sustainable Futures Society acclaimed Nature As Teacher and Healer. His book In Defense of Hunting has sold over 50,000 copies. James has taught at the Universities of Michigan, W. Washington State, Oregon and Washington; consulted with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies; and conducted field research with native cultures in North America, East Asia and Polynesia. As an actor, he has appeared in 20 feature films including "Jack" and "Murder In The First," three dramatic TV series -- "Midnight Caller," "Jesse Hawkes," and "Nash Bridges," and over 30 commercials and industrials. He has consulted with and appeared on the "NOVA," "Ancient Mysteries," "Sightings," and "Modern Marvels," TV series and written over 100 outdoor TV shows for Engel's Outdoor Experience, Sports Afield TV and Bushnell's Secrets of the Wild. . James has been a columnist for (10 years), National Review Online (4 years) and North American Hunter (4 years) More at:

Areas of Expertise: Mainstream film and TV, psychology of outdoors sports, conservation

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Blue-winged teal are almost always the first ducks to migrate south every fall.

The Annual Fall Waterfowl Migration is Underway

Over half of all the 914 species of wild birds in the United States will migrate south this fall making it a prime time to be able to enjoy the nation’s waterfowl, whether you’re hunting them or watching them. And you will not be alone—according…

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Film festivals that include content portraying outdoorsmen and women in a positive light can have a noticeable impact on the public perception of outdoor sports. Seen here is a gathering for the Grand Teton Awards Gala for the 2013 Jackson Hole Film Festival.

Film Festivals and the Future of Outdoor Recreation

Films, television, and video in general are the primary storytellers of our times, and stories are a prime force in creating and changing culture, including how people view outdoor sports and conservation. There is a definite need for more mainstream TV and films that show…

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California game wardens during Mounted Patrol training June 1 through 5.

California Game Wardens Establish Mounted Patrol Unit

Game wardens are essential to the conservation of natural resources. They work on land, sea, and air, and spend a lot of time patrolling the backcountry where there are no roads and few other people, let alone law enforcement officers. While ground patrols are often…

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