Capt Jan Lemieux

Capt Jan Lemieux

United States Coast Guard licensed captain and Florida native Jan Lemieux, aka Capt. Jan, shares his passion for the shallow water boating lifestyle with his readers at From product and boat reviews, Capt. Jan's enthusiasm and honesty reflect his desire to break the mold of typical product write-ups.

Born in South Florida and raised in Central Florida, Capt. Jan cultivated his respect for our shared resources as a Boy Scout.  His love for nature grew and he developed a keen interest in fishing.  He is devoted to protecting our natural environment so that we may all continue to enjoy life on the water for generations to come.

Capt. Jan lives with his wife and son in South Florida, where they enjoy spending as much time on the water as possible.

Areas of Expertise: Boating enthusiast focused on small skiffs, saltwater angling, photography and conservation.

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Review: PangaMarine 18′ Skiff

  Pangasiidae or “Panga fish” is a family of catfish found in many of the world’s fresh and brackish waters from Asia and Latin America to Pakistan and Borneo. “Panga” when referring to a skiff can be found in just as many locations. Panga skiffs have…

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