Josh Wolfe

Josh Wolfe

It didn’t take long for me, following in my father’s footsteps (literally), to develop a deep appreciation for the outdoors. Because it’s there in the wind, in the rain and a cool summer sunrise where I’ve learned more than in all the classrooms combined. My journalistic work is the sum of all I’ve taken from the outdoors and all I want to give back.

It was during a long, grueling two-year stint working as a banker in Huntsville, Alabama, I finally realized I needed to follow my dreams. After sojourning several places across the country, I now call Asheville, North Carolina, home, where I am the co-founder, publisher and editor of The Golf Sport ( magazine and editor of Sporting Classics Daily ( I am also a contributor to OutdoorHub and Global Outfitters, and hope to really inflate that balloon over the next couple years.

For me, it’s the power of the pen that makes the outdoor adventure live forever – as it is resurrected on the page in front of me. I am so fortunate to be a part of the outdoor community and make my passion a career.

Areas of Expertise: Hunting, camping, hiking, fishing

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Arthur Farrell pursues a magnificent tom near his southern Tennessee cabin.

High on That Hill: A Turkey Hunting Story

Arthur Farrell sat rocking on the front porch of his cabin on his small farm in southern Tennessee. The evening was overcast with a few rain clouds lurking in the gray plume of Tuesday’s final hours. Tree frogs croaked in wonderful harmony around him, a…

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When you finally leave the city lights and into Nebraska, dreams of the next day's turkeys slip in and out of your mind's eye.

The Road Traveled

Imagine it’s two o’clock in the morning and you’re somewhere on the east side of Kansas City heading west. Road exhaustion has taken over your incessant ingestion of caffeinated drinks, lowering you into such a somnambulistic state that the thought of the world behind is…

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Some Fishing, Perhaps?

I can vaguely remember catching my first fish. Or perhaps it’s the photo of me I see holding the small bream on the end of the line that causes the memory to course through my mind over and over again. “What’s it doing?” I would…

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Come Along, Cousin

When the phone rang Arthur Farrell could hardly believe the name displayed across the caller ID screen—Aaron, a cousin two years his junior. Arthur and Aaron (their mothers are sisters) had done a lot of growing up together in their childhood, but as is the…

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