Julie McQueen

Julie McQueen

Areas of Expertise: Hunting, Fishing, Archery, Land Management, Television Show Host

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Thanksgiving Turkey

Cooking Wild Turkey Using Raspberry Sauce

When I first started hunting turkeys over a decade ago, I made it a point to actually use the meat. Sure, I love to see a huge Tom walking into my range, but telling the story of the hunt over dinner with loved ones is…

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Kayak Fishing – Why Hobie Takes the Lead

Just like pretty much everything else, fishing goes through fads and phases. There are so many different types of fishing, different techniques, and different customs, that experiencing all of them can be a little overwhelming. Typically, fishermen are divided into two major categories: saltwater and…

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So, You Want to Buy A New Bow?

  There was a time when women had to adapt to using men’s archery equipment. Fortunately for us, those days are long gone and the companies that have brought the latest and greatest in archery to men are now catering to women. When a man…

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Trail Camera Tricks – It Really Is That Simple

In this digital world we rarely plan our whitetail season without first seeing images of the animals walking around in our potential hunting spot. Trail cameras have taken the hunting industry to a new level, and I say that in the most un-biased way possible.…

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