Ken McBroom

Ken McBroom

Ken McBroom is an accomplished outdoor writer and photographer. Growing up in Lynchburg Tennessee allowed him many opportunities afield as a boy and young man. Later in life his wanderlust took him all over our great country to include the oceans, rivers and mountains of Alaska. Married now with two beautiful children Ken calls Indiana home and finds himself learning yet another region and enjoying every minute. Ken is an avid hunter and angler and hopes, as an outdoor communicator, he can share his adventures and help others pursue their outdoor dreams. Ken's adventures, writings and photos can be seen at his website Rambling Angler Outdoors.

Areas of Expertise: Fishing and hunting

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steak on a stick mcbroom

A Campfire Recipe: Steak on a Stick

I was introduced to steak on a stick on the beaches of southeast Alaska. It was in the winter, when most folks tend to just hang out and enjoy the slow pace of the Alaskan winters with friends. Snow was falling and had already blanketed…

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Kayak Fishing. Photo: Alan Levine

Comprehensive Guide for Kayak Bass Fishing

Kayak fishing has recently exploded in popularity and bass fishing from a kayak is a part of that explosion. Kayaks are providing simple and affordable options for many people to pursue lunker bass in new places. The kayak can open up many new areas to…

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Inexpensive bobbers, like this one, makes a great slip bobbers

How To Make Your Own Slip Bobbers

The slip bobber can be deadly on crappie, catfish, bluegill, walleye and even salmon in deep or shallow water. One problem with slip bobbers is when the line just won’t slide through the slip bobber. This cheap homemade slip bobber works great. The plastic is…

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