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Larry D Hodge

Larry D Hodge

Larry D. Hodge is an award-winning writer and photographer with credits in Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Sportsman, Texas Sporting Journal, African Hunting Gazette and others. He has hunted and fished in Texas, Alaska and South Africa. He is an active member of the Texas Outdoor Writers Association and the Outdoor Writers of America Association.

Areas of Expertise: Hunting and Fishing

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How To Help Make Fishing Better in Your Local Reservoir

This new video with professional angler Alton Jones tells how you can join forces with others to improve the quality of fishing in your local reservoir. Check it out embedded below. httpv://

Largemouth with lure

Bass Buffet: Advice for Reeling in Largemouth Bass

Knowing what, when and where bass eat can be the key to angling success The simple answer to the question of what largemouth bass eat is, “Anything they can get into their mouths.” While there’s a lot of truth in that statement, it doesn’t offer…

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