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Laurie Lee Dovey

Laurie Lee Dovey

Laurie Lee Dovey aka LLD is an avid outdoors person and veteran traditional outdoor sports communicator. She hunts, fishes, camps, shoots, writes and photographs. During her 28-year career covering the outdoors, Dovey has received more than 75 awards for her journalistic efforts. She can be found roaming the back roads (in her 1971 Eagle Bus/RV conversion, The Concord) looking for great places to enjoy the outdoors, whenever she's not hanging out at her Western Pennsylvania home.

Areas of Expertise: Professional Outdoor Writer

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Winter storm developing. Image courtesy NOAA.

Prepping for Winter Weather Emergencies

Superstorm Sandy is a unequivocal reminder that weather can turn lives upside down. The winter months are no exception. And with a confusing El Niño weather pattern, predicting the weather for this winter is more difficult than usual. Forecasters with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s…

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Laurie Lee Dovey and Kristen Monroe

She’s Wild and Wonderful

Her fresh view and enthusiasm for shooting, hunting — everything wild — was engaging and contagious. Kristen Monroe, a 30-something mom from Wisconsin, recently found shooting, hunting and outdoor communications. Observing her, I looked back with some envy and admiration. I remembered my early days…

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Roy Weatherby, Image provided by Weatherby

History of Weatherby: Roy Weatherby, the Ultimate Tinkerer

African safaris were considered an extreme sport in the late 1940s and early ‘50s. Most Americans could only dream of experiencing the mysterious world of the kudu, elephant, zebra and rhinoceros. Roy Weatherby’s 50-day hunting sojourn in 1948, which he chronicled on newsreel footage and…

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How to Find the Best Campsite

Every seasoned camper will admit to finding themselves, at one time or another, so tired, pressed for daylight or challenged by incoming or inclement weather that they simply pulled their tent from it’s bag and put it up as quickly as possible – wherever they…

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RV Repair

Motorhome Adventures: Preventing Transmission Problems

Late Friday evening. Day one of vacation. Back country West Virginia. Blue smoke flowing from beneath the motorhome and the pungent odor of burning transmission oil told us everything we needed to know. We were in trouble. At best, our motorhome transmission’s front seal was…

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