Lewis Creek Shooting School

Lewis Creek Shooting School

Dick Jones is an award winning outdoor writer and a member of the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association Board of Directors. He writes for four North Carolina Newspapers as well as regional and national magazines. He’s hunted and fished most of his life but shooting has been his passion. He’s a former High Master, Distinguished Rifleman, and AAA class pistol shooter. He holds four Dogs of War Medals for Team Marksmanship as shooter, captain and coach. He ran the North Carolina High Power Rifle Team for six years and the junior team two years after that. Within the last year, he’s competed in shotgun, rifle and pistol events including the National Defense Match and the Bianchi Cup. He’ll be shooting the Bianchi, the NDM, the National High Power Rifle Championship, The Rock Castle Three Gun Championship and an undetermined sniper match this shooting season.

He lives in High Point, North Carolina with his wife Cherie who’s also an outdoor writer and the 2006 and 2011 Northeast Side by Side Women’s Shotgun Champion. Both Dick and Cherie are NRA pistol, rifle, and shotgun instructors and own Lewis Creek Shooting School.

Areas of Expertise: Shooting competitions and instruction, long range shooting, surf fishing, camping gear

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The Mossberg MMR Hunter paired with a Nikon 3-12x scope. Note the A2-style stock and 20-inch barrel.

Review: Mossberg MMR Hunter

Almost no one will argue that the modern sporting rifle is not only the most popular rifle platform in history, it’s also the most versatile. In a period of 10 years, I’ve gone from not quite “getting” the AR-15, to being a dyed-in-the-wool AR-phile. There…

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The Talon uses a strong three-piece mounting system.

Review: Talon Shallow Water Anchor System

A boat is only as good as its equipment. It’s true that for some pursuits, having a simple tiller-powered waterborne conveyance is all that’s needed. To have a boat that’s focused on one task or one that’s versatile enough to accomplish several things, however, you…

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Simple and compact, the BenchMaster American Bison Rifle Rest shooting bag serves its purpose with grace and style.

Review: Benchmaster American Bison Rifle Rest

My early experiences with shooting off a benchrest involved a friend’s 300-yard hay meadow and a substantial wooden bench located in a little grove of trees. The bags were always there—canvas shot-bags filled with sand and kept under a bucket to keep them dry. In…

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With its forward Picatinny rails removed, the Mossberg 464 SPX is much more comfortable to carry. The base rifle itself is a handy utility piece capable of doing almost anything asked of it.

Review: Mossberg 464 SPX

The first time I saw the Mossberg 464 SPX, my reaction was “Now I’ve seen everything.” The 464 SPX is a “tactical” version of your grandfather’s deer rifle. It’s a lever-action .30-30 with high-visibility open sights, an M4-style telescoping stock, Picatinny rails on three sides…

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