Lewis Creek Shooting School

Lewis Creek Shooting School

Dick Jones is an award winning outdoor writer and a member of the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association Board of Directors. He writes for four North Carolina Newspapers as well as regional and national magazines. He’s hunted and fished most of his life but shooting has been his passion. He’s a former High Master, Distinguished Rifleman, and AAA class pistol shooter. He holds four Dogs of War Medals for Team Marksmanship as shooter, captain and coach. He ran the North Carolina High Power Rifle Team for six years and the junior team two years after that. Within the last year, he’s competed in shotgun, rifle and pistol events including the National Defense Match and the Bianchi Cup. He’ll be shooting the Bianchi, the NDM, the National High Power Rifle Championship, The Rock Castle Three Gun Championship and an undetermined sniper match this shooting season.

He lives in High Point, North Carolina with his wife Cherie who’s also an outdoor writer and the 2006 and 2011 Northeast Side by Side Women’s Shotgun Champion. Both Dick and Cherie are NRA pistol, rifle, and shotgun instructors and own Lewis Creek Shooting School.

Areas of Expertise: Shooting competitions and instruction, long range shooting, surf fishing, camping gear

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Winchester's new W Train & Defend line offers shooters the perfect combination of affordable training ammo and effective defensive rounds. The author tested the rounds in (from top to bottom) a Smith & Wesson M&P9, Smith & Wesson Model 637 CT, and Glock 42.

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As a shooting instructor, I constantly stress the importance of practice. I also advocate using a practice handgun that’s the same or very similar to your carry or defense handgun. In situations where the need for self-defense arises, you must be confident that you can…

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At a recent party, the conversation came to the availability of .22 rimfire ammunition and I heard someone say, “Friends don’t let friends shoot Remington.” I asked what was meant by this, and the guy who said it said that Remington simply didn’t make good…

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I’m the first to admit that I’ve become an AR-15 addict. I have multiple ARs in different configurations and there are several uppers gracing the top front edge of my desk as I write this. The AR-15 is the most versatile firearm system designed by…

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