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Lisa Metheny

Lisa Metheny

Lisa Metheny is an award-winning outdoor writer, photographer, seminar speaker and outdoor skills instructor. Metheny has had numerous articles published; conducts seminars on a woman's participation in the outdoors, archery and hunting topics and holds several instructor certifications. She regularly teaches hunters education and archery classes and has become an advocate for promoting traditional outdoor recreation to families all across the United States. Metheny is also an avid and accomplished hunter with many big game species to her credit and is a member of POMA (Board of Directors), NRA, RMEF, MDFand DU.

Areas of Expertise: Hunting, outdoor skills instructor, photography, cooking

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10 Gift Ideas for the Huntress who has Everything

It’s hard to believe that another holiday season is upon us. Many of us end up rushing around at the very last minute desperately seeking the perfect gift for the special ladies who love to hunt. Check out this gift of unique gift giving ideas…

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12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Ladies who Love the Outdoors

The holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to start shopping for the perfect gift for the outdoorswoman on your list. Thankfully more and more manufacturers are taking notice of the number of women heading outdoors and are creating products geared for them.…

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While you are climbing any elevated hunting stand you should maintain three points of contact at all times.

Treestand Safety Tips: Don’t Become a Statistic

According to statistics, nearly one out of every three hunters who hunt from an elevated stand will fall at some point during their hunting days. Too many hunters die every year, and many are injured as a result of a fall from a treestand. Reports…

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Coyote hunting can be a great way to fill in the gaps between hunting seasons. Many states allow coyote hunting all year long.

Coyote Class 101

Did you know predator hunting is increasing almost as fast as the coyote population is in suburbia? It’s true. A growing number of hunters have discovered the thrill of victory and defeat as they try and outwit the wiley coyote. There are several reasons why…

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Who says there are no nice bucks on public land?  This bowhunter tags a nice Indiana buck on public hunting land.

Cheap Thrills: Hunting During the Recession

Today the average hunter struggles to find an affordable way to hunt. The constant battle to find hunting land is affecting the numbers of hunters heading afield every year. “The number of hunters in this country is declining, and the single most important reason is…

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