Logan Priess

Logan Priess

As a dedicated firearms safety advocate, I believe it's the responsibility of gun owners, firearms enthusiasts, hunters, and target shooters everywhere to be friendly and well-informed ambassadors for our community, a community which is far too often unfairly demonized.


For my own part, I'm always striving to bring the latest developments in technology and legislation that affect the shooting sports directly to you so that we can all be better informed about the breadth and constant flux of our shared passion -- and you can stay one step ahead of the pack.


My special areas of interest are bullpup rifles, modern handguns, and firearms policy, but as a lifelong writer, I can never turn down a story that piques my interest.

Areas of Expertise: Modern handguns, bullpup rifles, gun policy and debate

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High-Capacity Magazine Ban Blocked by Filibuster in Washington

In a move heralding some good news for firearm owners who still want to purchase “high-capacity” magazines (a controversial term with a somewhat shifting definition), a GOP filibuster has temporarily blocked consideration of the Cybersecurity Act of 2012, S. 3414, leaving opponents and proponents of…

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