Luke Clausen

Luke Clausen

Hometown Spokane, Washington

Birthdate 08/03/1978

Career Earnings Over $1 Million

Favorite Lake Clear Lake (CA) - "Big fish, and they're easy to catch. It's always fit my style and I've always done well there."

Least Favorite Lake Lake Mead (NV) - "There's about three bass in there."

Favorite Technique Sight-fishing

Primary Fishing Strength Clear-water natural lakes

Secondary Fishing Strength Finesse-fishing

Biggest Weakness Fishing offshore in off-colored water

Boat Ranger

Motor Yamaha

Fishing Team Chevy

Favorite Food Sushi or Mexican

Favorite Music "Alternative, but I listen to a little bit of everything."

Non-Angling Hero Father - "I have a lot of respect for him. He makes intelligent decisions."

When Not Fishing "I like to hunt everything -- bow-hunt, bird-hunt, a little bit of everything."

Why He Fishes "I fish to make a living, and I love to fish. I love the challenge each day. Every place we go to is different."

Areas of Expertise: Chevy Pro Bass Angler, FLW Touring Pro, 2004 FLW Cup Champion, 2006 Bassmaster Classic Champion

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Tournament angler Luke Clausen says it's time to start looking for bass in the shallows.

Sight Fishing: Time Management

The season is upon us to start looking for bass in the shallows, especially in clear water impoundments. It’s easy to waste many hours trying to entice a bass to eat a bait. By understanding a few characteristics of bedding bass, you can make better…

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Check out Luke Clausen's suggestions for improving your fishing feel.

Improve Your Feel for Better Fishing

Fishing is mostly about knowledge and instinct. Unlike many other sports, it doesn’t take exceptional physical ability. There is no need to be bigger, faster, or stronger in order to be a better fisherman. There are a few exceptions, however, like casting skills. Casting skills…

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Shorts weather is gone for many anglers across the country. Taking time to prepare for the next fishing season in the off-season can pay off greatly.

Fishing Off-season Prep

As the winter kicks into full gear, it’s time to start off-season preparations for the next fishing season. Whether you’re a fun fisherman, a pro, or club-level angler, there are many things you can do during the off-season that will help you on the water…

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As temperatures drop and summer transitions to fall, bass are feeding and moving towards their winter destinations.

How to Fish Falling Temperatures

Falling temperatures mean the summer is turning into autumn. Fall is a great time to go fishing. Bass are feeding and they are starting to move towards their winter destinations. They usually school up in large groups and once you find one, there’s usually more…

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