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MAN vs. WHITETAIL is a semi-live online HD whitetail deer hunting show produced by founder Joe Brooks. You can follow Joe and his team while they entertain and educate you throughout the season on video, all within a couple of days of the actual hunts. All hunts are filmed fair chase in the wild, without the use of outfitters, guides, ranches or fenced  hunting operations.

Joe Brooks is an expert at hunting highly pressured whitetails, gaining access to great hunting properties and traveling to other States to hunt mature whitetails on a budget. Joe has hundreds of whitetails to his credit, has a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries and has published a best selling book titled YEAR-ROUND TROPHY WHITETAILS.

MAN vs. WHITETAIL is proud to be a member of Outdoor Hub and we hope you enjoy our articles, product reviews, season updates and especially our semi-live show.

Areas of Expertise: Hunting high-pressured whitetails and gaining access to trophy hunting property.

Sponsors: A-RAK-A-TAK, Ameristep, Base Camp Leasing, Big Green Targets, Magnus, Mapping the Outdoors, Superlite Boots, Strother, The Heater Body Suit, Tactical Archery Systems

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Review: Rak-Atak: It Attracts ‘Em, You Attack ‘Em!

Product: Today’s product is Wide Spread Feed which is Rak-Atak’s signature product of supplemental feed and minerals made by Gatlin Feed Company out of Bouge Chitto, Mississippi. Product Description: The company says that Rak-Atak Wide Spread is mixed from harvested grains, grain by-products, and enhanced…

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mapping the outdoors

Review: Mapping the Outdoors – The Perfect Scouting Tool!

Product: Custom aerial maps. Product Description: Mapping The Outdoors provides the most up to date aerial imagery for custom aerial maps of properties with contour line overlays. Selections include various paper choices and sizes including 13”x19” field maps, 24”x24” wall maps, 36”x36” wall maps and…

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Review: GEN 2 S.A.B.O. Bow Sight: Impressive!

Product: Today’s product is the GEN 2 S.A.B.O. Bow Sight made by Tactical Archery Systems. Product Description: The SABO sight was inspired by US military technology for rapid target and aiming point acquisition. It is a Superimposed Ambient Ballistic Optic designed specifically for archery. The superimposed…

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