Mark Kakkuri

Mark Kakkuri
Mark Kakkuri is a nationally published freelance journalist who covers guns and gear, Second Amendments issues, and the business of the firearms industry. He blogs at

Areas of Expertise: Outerwear and gear, hiking, trail running, shooting sports, hunting, and fishing

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The Trijicon Reflex RX30 and quick-detach mount on an AR-15. The author found the RX30 to be a well-made and effective close quarters sighting solution.

Review: Trijicon Reflex RX30 Sight

Only a few manufacturers share the distinction of being consistently placed at or near the top of the list of tactical optics and sighting systems for small arms. One of those manufacturers is Trijicon, known for its ACOG, VCOG, and HD night sights. Trijicon also…

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TruGlo's TG8030B red dot sight mounted on an AR-15. Selling for roughly $50 and under, the TG8030B is one of the most affordable red dot sights available to shooters.

Review: TruGlo TG8030B Red Dot Sight

Red dot optics of all types and price points proliferate a growing firearms accessories market. At the hundreds-of-dollars side of the price scale, some offer tritium-powered dots, aircraft-grade aluminum housings, and ruggedness to stand up to the harshest conditions known to man. For those who…

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The Aimpoint Micro H-1 is a compact and lightweight red dot sight that pairs perfectly with AR-15s.

Review: Aimpoint Micro H-1

Black rifles, AR-15s, or modern sporting rifles—whatever you want to call them—remain as popular as ever and the number of accessories available for these kinds of weapons continues to grow. Sighting systems, of course, comprise a major sub-category of AR-15 accessories and include variations on…

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The Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS can take just about everything you throw at it and still delivers high-quality images and video.

Review: Olympus Tough TG-2 iHS Digital Camera

For the hard core outdoors enthusiast, documenting rugged, outdoors activities has usually been an exercise in compromise: equipment such as a digital camera either couldn’t take the abuses of outdoor life or, if it did, it took lousy pictures or cost too much. And let’s…

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The Emerson Knives La Griffe BT is a minimalist-but-effective survival blade designed to worn around the neck for quick deployment.

Review: Emerson Knives La Griffe BT

The goal of survival–no matter what the circumstances–is simple: stay alive. The means of survival follows a similar philosophy: do whatever it takes to stay alive, using common sense and, when possible, the best tools that serve that purpose. It follows then that the best…

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