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You can apply for a Michigan bear hunting license May 1 through June 1. Send in your application and get preparing now!

Plan Now for Your 2013 Michigan Bear Hunt

As the old saying goes, planning makes perfect. These words are quite true for the serious Michigan black bear hunter. But for those who are new to bear hunting and want to hunt one of our state’s largest and most interesting big-game animals, getting “into…

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whitetail recipe

Grilled Venison Backstrap Recipe

After taking a doe Thursday night, it was time have some friends over a couple of days later and make some grilling boats! There are of course many variations of this recipe and I don’t think that I have ever made the same recipe twice.…

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deep water hole

Deer Water Hole Improvement 101

This is the water hole location that started it all for us…at least the importance of water when it comes to evening feeding patterns and all-day rut activity! Starting with shovels and followed by a lot of expansion throughout the years, our first water hole…

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If you look beyond this nice rub you will see a roadway in the background. Don't overlook urban woodlots when it comes time to shed hunt.

Better Deer Hunting Through Shed Hunting

As I slid along a small ditch that cut through a thick travel corridor full of cover I couldn’t help but notice all the sign in the area.  The deer runs were sunk into the earth from years of heavy use and several trees, including…

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