Mike O'Reilly

Mike O'Reilly

I've been hunting and fishing my whole life, mainly in Michigan, Colorado and Utah. I've used a wide variety of products and I love to share my thoughts and opinions about equipment with other hunters and fishermen!

Areas of Expertise: bowhunting, fly fishing, backcountry, mule deer, elk

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Sunstorm Games Brings Real Hunting Action to Your iPhone

If you were playing video games at home on your PC in the late nineties like I was, chances are you were pretty excited when Deer Hunter came out. The simulated outdoor experience created by Sunstorm Games was not only a great commercial success, spawning numerous sequels…

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Shed hunting

Try Shed Hunting for Early Spring Fun

Searching for deer and elk antlers has become so popular in some western states that a special shed hunting season has been established during the spring. Regulating this activity is a very good idea for several reasons, but the main goal is to protect the…

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Hiking pic

Mike O’Reilly’s Top Five Hiking Trails

Fairyland Loop, Bryce Canyon, Utah Bryce Canyon has a few hiking trails I put in the category of “novelty” only because they are too unique, geologically, to even compare with other trails. The main feature of the park are the pink, orange and red “hoo-doos,”…

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