Mitch Strobl

Mitch Strobl

Mitch Strobl started in the outdoor industry during his college years at DePauw University. There, he started the DePauw Conservation club and the DePauw Trap and Skeet club. Mitch also worked as a writer and videographer for and interned for the Professional Outdoor Media Association soon after. Mitch takes special interest in taking disabled veterans hunting as well as introducing youth to the outdoors. Currently, Mitch serves as a business development and communications specialist at Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc., a leader in outdoor education and safety products.

Areas of Expertise: Outdoor safety and education

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Handgun Safety  Basics cover

New E-book Teaches the Basics of Handgun Safety

A new e-book, Today’s Handgun Safety Basics, will help the hundreds of thousands of new firearms owners learn about handgun safety and how to improve their shooting. This handgun safety e-book features easy-to-understand language and realistic illustrations and is available for download at Amazon, Barnes…

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The Truth About Hunters, Anglers, and Life Jackets

Vernon Konradi, an Indiana high school agriculture teacher, stood in front of 23 students, all of whom were interested in hunting, fishing and other outdoor sports. It was safety week, and he started class with a story about frog gigging with his father. His dad…

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Do You Make These ATV Riding Mistakes?

Staring at my buddies on top of the ridge, I was about to try something I had never done before. See, every so-called rider at my high school was expected to scale the infamous Devil’s Backbone. A teenager at the time, I was determined to…

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