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Tom is the primary author of the Insanely Practical Guides series of how-to books. He believes that shooting can be safe and fun, and works hard to make the shooting world easy to understand. If you want to learn about the world of guns, shooting and the American way, check out some of his books. Have a laugh or two. Life is too short for boring "how to" books.

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Feel free to visit Tom at his website, It's a half-cocked but right on target look at the world of shooting and all things related. If you want to learn with a laugh about guns, shooting products, personal defense, competition, industry news and the occasional Second Amendment issue, visit him there.

Areas of Expertise: Shooting, reloading, concealed carry, and all around smart-alecking

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Lancer's L15 Outlaw Rifle

Bombs, Brakes, and Bullets: Range Time with Lancer Systems

Quick, which company does all of the following? Makes composite 2,000-pound-bomb fins for the Israeli military. Designs and manufactures harsh-environment, fiber-optic camera solutions to withstand massive heat and pressure. If Brendan Fraser had this gear before his Journey to the Center of the Earth, we all could…

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NRA World Shooting Championships

The NRA Looks to Crown the World’s Best Shooter

Got freedom? If you need an extra dose, check out the upcoming first-ever, NRA Freedom Weekend. The festivities start with the crowning of the undisputed World Shooting Champion. TV’s popular Top Shot program was a good first step, but the victor of those competitions represented relatively…

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Self-defense training? No. A fun way to improve gun-handling skills? Yes.

5 Bad Shooting Range Habits That Might Get You Killed

One of the scariest traits you can develop from a self-defense perspective is a false sense of security. You know what I’m talking about. We’re human, so we’re superior not only because we have opposable thumbs, but because we can think, strategize, reason, and hope. The…

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