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Review: The Console Vault In-vehicle Safe

When you carry a firearm for self-defense, you will inevitably run in to a situation where you will be forced to leave your gun in your car. It could be for 10 minutes while you go in to a government building to pay your water…

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The author with a peacock bass he caught on a recent fishing trip in the Amazon rain forest. Image courtesy of Colin Anthony.

6 Things I Learned from Fishing the Amazon

If you want to take a trip of a lifetime to slam monster peacock bass in the Amazon rainforest, there are a few things you should absolutely know before you go. I recently went on a fishing trip to the Amazon and learned many of these…

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Many self-defense encounters occur at night. Are you prepared to fire a shot in the dark?

A Shot in the Dark

There’s no denying that many Americans are better prepared to defend themselves with firearms than possibly any time in our nation’s history. Or are they? Those gun-owning Americans spend hours each day at the gun range shooting, tweaking gear, and improving their shooting skills. Those…

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The author found the Mathews NO CAM HTR to be an excellent choice for novices and experts alike.

Review: Mathews NO CAM HTR Bow

Archery season is rapidly approaching. Around this time of year, many hunters start looking at new bows to equip themselves with. Deciding on a new bow can be a daunting task. Over the last decade or so there have been many new manufacturers that have entered the marketplace.…

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