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One buck, nicknamed "Sir Prize," that the author has had the pleasure of observing year after year. His prominent right shoulder blade makes him easily identifiable.

Deer to My Heart

When hunting deer turns to hunting a deer Another early November morning sitting in my favorite stand on the Buffalo County property had been uneventful. It was late morning, approaching the noon hour, and I had yet to see a deer. Seemed as if it…

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To take care of wild hogs, you're going to want a powerful, quick-shooting rifle in your hands. Check out some of these guns before you plan your next hunt. Image by Jeff Johnston.

The Top 10 Guns for Hog Hunting

Wild pigs are tough, surly, and currently running out of control across the country. Here are 10 rifles suited to quell the swine rebellion. Any bullet and rifle combination you’d use for deer hunting will kill a hog deader than dollar gas, but then again,…

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The Easy2Hook Team, Katie Kinsell, Larysa Switlyk and Devan Coffaro

Triple Blonde Threat at the Tarpon Tournament

Airing today, Wednesday April, 30th on the Sportsman Channel at 4 pm and Friday at 9:30 am est. I am no stranger to the water and tarpon are one of my favorite fish. Growing up with three brothers made me extremely competitive so when I…

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