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Deer Stand

Easier Bowhunting with Yardage Markers

The different between a successful day bowhunting and coming home empty handed almost always boils down to a matter of seconds. Instead of fumbling with a rangefinder while deer are under my stand, I pre-mark several locations once my stands are hung with either survey ribbon, or little survey…

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Fishing boats at dock. Photo: David James Ovens

Tips for Winterizing a Boat

Winterizing a boat is quite an easy job when you have the proper equipment and clear instructions and is an essential task for keeping your boat in good shape. The first thing you are going to want to do is to remove all the water…

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Archery target practice

How To Identify Defective Arrows

Defective arrow can let you down in the key moment of a long hunt. It’s really important to test out all of your equipment, and arrows are no different. After going out and buying new arrows I like to number each arrow and shoot them…

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Practicing. Photo: Benjamin Gray

Pre-season Bow Hunting Practice

I’ve found that one of the most common mistakes bow hunters make in the off season is failing to keep up with their shooting practice. More specifically, their realistic shooting practice. Most bow hunters consider shooting at ground level with the target broadside at 20-30…

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Channel Crappie Fishing

How To Mark Crappie Beds

It’s 97 degrees outside right, and let’s be honest, it’s just too hot to fish. While there are still crappie in the water, a lot of them seem to only be hanging around submerged brushpiles. Lake levels in Missouri are at all time lows and…

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