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This tiny Santa toy had no idea what it was in for.

Video: Trail Cam Catches Bear Knocking Out Santa

The Angeles National Forest in California is a haven for wildlife, and also a place of opportunity for photographers. According to UPI, Robert Martinez set up 10 trail cameras scattered across the forest in hopes of documenting the state’s largest predators: black bears and mountain lions. Martinez…

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Machine Gun “Theme Park” Set to Open in Orlando

With 10 shooting lanes, eight-inch concrete walls lined with steel plates, high-end bullet traps, and a dual-air system for a cool and fresh atmosphere, Machine Gun America may just seem like a luxury gun range, but its owners say otherwise. Instead, the facility is touted…

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Video: Pitbull Makes Friends with Injured Deer

Pitbulls aren’t always shown in the most positive light in the media, but this video might help correct that. According to WNYT, a New York homeowner and her pitbull, Gotti, discovered this young deer tangled in her fence back in October. While the homeowner attempted…

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Louisiana Angler Reels in Massive 580-pound Mako Shark

In the Gulf of Mexico, mako sharks are one of the largest predators in the water—and one of the most anticipated game fish for anglers. Captain Kevin Beach of Venice, Louisiana has a long history with the toothy fish, and last week he encountered one of the largest…

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