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The tiny mudsnail is causing a stir among conservationists in Wisconsin.

Invasive Mudsnail Reaches Wisconsin, Anglers Can Help

The invasive New Zealand mudsnail may look harmless enough, but the true danger lies in how quickly it can multiply. Mudsnail populations can reach a density of 500,000 per square meter, out-competing native snails and insects that fish rely on for food. Although snails have…

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Video: Lone Wolf Pursues Elk into River

Wolves are pack predators, but hunger can drive them on to attempt to tackle even the largest of prey alone. The video below was recorded last year in Yellowstone National Park and shows a gray wolf doggedly pursuing an elk. As a herd of nearby…

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Marty LaCrose, a trained nurse and Marine with 37 years of fishing experience, saved three anglers from the water last week.

Louisiana Fishing Guide Rescues Three Marooned Anglers

Fishing guide and former Marine Marty LaCoste is being hailed as a hero after he rescued three anglers last week from a sunken boat. According to The Times-Picayune, LaCoste was with clients in Louisiana’s Lake Merchant last week when he retrieved the anglers from the…

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