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Video: What’s Inside This Monster Morel?

This absolutely massive morel was found last year by Kenny Nordmeyer of Saline County, Missouri. According to the state’s Department of Conservation,  it was indeed confirmed as a true morel—just a very big one. So what does the inside of this behemoth look like? Well,…

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Wisconsin governor Scott Walker signed 21 bills into law on Thursday, including the one legalizing pink camo.

Wisconsin Becomes First State to Legalize Blaze Pink

Move over blaze orange, you just got competition. On Thursday, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker signed into law Assembly Bill 291, which would allow state hunters to wear blaze pink in place of the traditional orange garb. The bill, which was widely supported by hunters in the state,…

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Video: The Ridiculous AR-15 “GatCrank”

Do you ever feel as if your AR rifle is a little bit too modern? Well, if you wanted to turn it into some kind of steampunk-esque, 19th century crank gun, then this bizarre trigger actuator from Two Z Precision will do the trick. This “GatCrank”…

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