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A male longear sunfish. You can clearly see its elongated opercular flap, which gave the fish its name.

Longear Sunfish Found in Iowa after 80-year Absence

Although once common in Iowa’s bayous along the Mississippi River, anglers have not seen longear sunfish in the state for more than eight decades. The fish’s long absence may have ended this month however, after employees at the Fairport Fish Hatchery captured what scientists believe…

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Video: Fishing for Piranha Using Meat

Here is one angling method that is definitely not recommended by anyone. If you’re ever in the Amazon River or any other area with piranhas—and you don’t mind losing the tips of your fingers—you can catch the fish using nothing more than a piece of…

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Mountain lions may be capable of making "friends."

Study Finds More Mountain Lions Sticking Together

North America’s largest cat has a reputation for being solitary, but scientists are finding that mountain lions may not be as secretive as once thought. In a recently published study in the journal Acta Ethologica, researchers with the Teton Cougar Project discovered that some mountain lions…

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