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FBI Chooses 9mm Glocks for New Service Pistols

In a notice put up on a government website, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) indicated that it has chosen 9mm Glocks for its new line of service handguns. According to the notice, the contract could go as high as $85 million for the Austrian…

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Beka Garris bowfishing 6-30-16

Bowfishing Like a Girl

Beka Garris is an avid archer, and one of her favorite target species is longnose gar. Of course, it’s tough enough to arrow carp, which are thicker than gar, so it takes some serious archery skills to shoot the skinnier gar. As the photos here…

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Video: Tarpon Jumps into Boat to Escape Hammerhead

Countless anglers have exclaimed that “the fish were jumping into the boat” when describing their fishing day, but Capt. Rob Gorta, of St. Petersburg, Florida, and his party of anglers have video proof to support their claim. The group had just broken off a tarpon…

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Grouper 6-30-16

Video: Goliath Grouper vs. NFL Linebacker

Green Bay Packers inside linebacker Sam Barrington may push opponents around with ease on the gridiron, but it’s another story when the battle is against a 300-pound goliath grouper. Fishing with Josh Jorgensen of BlacktipH Fishing, the Florida native and a group of friends used…

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