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A study on cichlid fish found them surprisingly playful.

Study: Fish Like to Play, Too

Of all the adjectives that people apply the fish, playful may not be at the top of the list. However, just because fish do not seem like the most playful of animals does not mean that they are completely humorless. A recent study published in…

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In this new video from Vickers Tactical, Green Berets display some of the heaviest man-portable weaponry in their arsenals.

Video: Slow-motion Green Beret Heavy Weapons Montage

This video from Vickers Tactical is exactly what it claims to be. Larry Vickers was able to record this action-packed footage from a day with the Green Berets at Ft. Bragg in North Carolina. This huge 251-square-mile installation is the home of the US Army…

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One Canadian town will be holding Halloween celebrations indoors due to some rather unusual circumstances.

Polar Bear Threat Drives Trick-or-treaters Indoors in Canadian Town

About 150 miles north of Churchill, Manitoba—the self-proclaimed “polar bear capital of the world”—lies the sleepy town of Arviat in Nunavut. Arviat is true polar bear territory, and residents are considering an unorthodox move this Halloween. According to the CBC, Arviat residents have canceled traditional…

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