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This fledgling-in-need was rescued by a Canadian angler.

Video: Angler Nets, Rescues Bald Eagle

The most common interaction most anglers have with a bald eagle is a fleeting glimpse as the bird soars overhead. Sometimes, unfortunately for the angler, the eagle swoops down and decides that the fish on your line is better off in its tummy. Occasionally, however,…

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Goliath groupers make for good eating, but fishermen say that the large predators are also decimating other sport fish.

Florida Anglers Call for Goliath Grouper Harvest

After a quarter decade of state and federal protection, Florida anglers are now calling for officials to open up the goliath grouper population to fishing. True to their name, goliath groupers can weigh well over 700 pounds and have a ferocious appetite to match.Sunshine State…

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