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Video: Have You Ever Heard an Elk Bark?

The elk hunters out there might be rolling their eyes, but a lot of people don’t know that elk can actually bark. Yes, like a dog. They can even growl and, in some cases, give out a roar that sounds more like a bear than…

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8 Famous Conservationists Who Were Also Hunters

Most hunters know this, but hunting and conservation go hand in hand. This is a list of eight famous hunters who were also staunch conservationists. Many of these individuals’ work influenced modern hunting ethics and conservation policies that are still in place today. 1. John James Audubon…

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Troy Powers beams over his massive flathead catfish.

Possible Tennessee State Record Catfish Caught and Released

A high school student from Kingston, Tennessee may have caught the largest flathead catfish in state history, but the teen angler ultimately decided to release the fish back into the water instead of pursuing the record. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) recently shared photos from…

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