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Are you prepared for morel season? If you live in Canada, you may have a chance to join in on the largest morel harvest in history.

Will This Year Be the Best Yet for Morel Mushroom Hunters?

Many of us look forward to spring as the season of renewal: longer days, warmer weather, barbecues, and the comfort of hitting the rifle range without getting mild frostbite on our fingers. For mushroom hunters, however, there is another reason to greet the season—morels. And…

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Legendary Albino Tapir Photographed for the First Time in Brazil

For years, residents of Brazil’s Atlantic Rain Forest have talked about a legendary albino tapir that roamed in the heart of the forest. Despite various reported sightings and anecdotal encounters, scientists had no concrete evidence of the creature’s existence. That changed when photographer Luciano Candisani ventured…

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