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Video: Fawn Plays in Leaf Pile with Girls

The young deer in the footage embedded below seems to enjoying playing around in a leaf pile just as much as the girls like its company. Wildlife officials do advise parents to be careful of how close they let their children get to wild animals,…

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Thieves in Western Canada made off with eight rare bows from an archery shop.

Thieves Nab 8 Rare, Antique Bows from Archery Museum

Eight antique and rare bows were stolen from a┬ámuseum in New Westminster, British Columbia last week. According to Global News, the bows were on display at Boorman Archery shop and museum before last Friday, when thieves smashed through a window and escaped with the valuable…

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PETA is considering selling autonomous underwater vehicles, or submersible drones, to spy on fishermen.

PETA Wants to Spy on Anglers with Submersible Drones

Last year, the animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) boasted that it would begin documenting hunters with aerial drones, and now it seems that the group has targeted anglers as well. PETA announced in a press release on Thursday that…

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