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Review: Video Review: The HK VP9 Tactical

Heckler and Koch has a long history of making extraordinary firearms preferred by armed professionals; their roller-delayed, 9mm MP5 submachine gun is 50 years old, but still in widespread use among counter-terrorist and SWAT elements around the globe. Their pistols enjoy the same reputation as…

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aubrey-fletcher-2 9-28-16

‘Women Who Farm’ Interview: Aubrey Fletcher

Three hardworking agricultural women – Aubrey Fletcher, Leah Joy Johnson and Marlene Williams – were featured recently in CarbonTV’s “Women Who Farm” online special (shown below). In an exclusive interview with OutdoorHub’s content partner AGDAILY, Fletcher talks about her life as a Missouri dairy farmer…

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Tuesday’s Take Your Best Shot: Archery Elk

Scenario: Bull elk bugling on the edge of a meadow with a bowhunter hidden in adjacent edge cover Bow: Mathews NO CAM HTR Range: 45 yards Conditions: Overcast; 55 degrees; 15-mph wind, left to right You’ve been waiting for this moment your entire life! After…

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Photo courtesy of Marlin Firearms

6 Awesome Lever-Actions for Big Game

What hunter hasn’t thought about pursuing deer, elk or bear with a lever gun? It’s the Classic American rifle, after all – the star, or at least the supporting actor, in so, so many western movies; the trusty companion of old-time hunters and trappers; the…

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Some will tell you a .308 Winchester is not enough for elk, but a .308 with a 165-grain AccuBond had no trouble toppling the author's bull at 345 yards.

Shooting with the Mann: Ballistic Balance

Ballistic balance, with regard to hunting cartridges, could be defined as those offering the most power and flattest trajectory, with the least amount of recoil, in a sporting weight rifle. Why is ballistic balance important? Balance is important in everything. If the tires on your…

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