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Jaguar Mascot Shot at Brazilian Olympic Ceremony

Times are tough in Brazil between the Zika virus, corruption, possible presidential impeachment, and economic woes. As if all of the issues were not bad enough, now Brazil has to deal with the untimely death of a jaguar after appearing at an Olympic event. Juma,…

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Pocket Fisherman 6-22-16

Video: Do You Remember this Classic Fishing Commercial?

Long before his catchphrase “Set it and forget it,” touting an easy-to-use rotisserie oven took over the world of late-night informercials, American inventor and legendary TV pitchman Ron Popeil’s name was attached to an angling apparatus that became just as famous in its time. The…

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noodling 2 6-22-16

Female News Reporter Hooked on Noodling

Sometimes reporters bring you more than news filmed in studio with a crew of folks dressed in conservative clothing. One such example is Tess Maune from News On 6 in Oklahoma who is hooked on noodling . . . catfish, that is. A self-described handfisherwoman,…

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MudBum Boys 6-22-16

Video: Raining Catfish from the Sky?

Throughout history there have been countless documented incidents of unusual objects that have rained down upon the Earth—things like fish, frogs, seeds, stones and other items that, well, shouldn’t fall from the sky. Perhaps the earliest record, according to the Smithsonian Institute, is a 16-century…

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