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Gift guide shoot beauty, Feb 4, 2016, Facebook 5-27-16

5 Father’s Day Gifts for Gun Lovers

Hanging out at the range is always a good time, and it’s even better when your dad – the man who taught you to shoot so many years ago – is there beside you. This Father’s Day return the favor by buying him something you…

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Hunter holding turkey 5-24-16

Tactics and Gear for Last-Minute Turkey Hunting

If you have the chance to get out one more time this spring turkey season, the products below could be just the ticket to help harvest a longbeard. Remember, these birds have heard a lot of calling and seen a lot of decoys this spring,…

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Fish beauty, June 6, 2015 Facebook

Cabela’s + Fishing = A Perfect Father’s Day

There are two great things about June 19, 2016: One, obviously, is Father’s Day. Two, it’s a Sunday, which for many weekend-warrior anglers, means another opportunity to hit their favorite pond, lake, reservoir or river in search of whatever is biting. Time on the water…

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Hunt beauty, August 25, 2015 Facebook

Need a Hunt-Themed Gift for this Father’s Day?

If you’re one of the lucky ones – the truly lucky ones – you learned a passion for hunting from your dad. It doesn’t matter if the species was gray squirrels in the Back 40 or whitetails with family and friends several hours from home,…

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Spring crappie beauty May 13 2016

How to Catch Big Spring Crappies

Because crappies often roam vast open-water regions of a lake or reservoir during summer and fall, most anglers who pursue this spectacular species do so during spring. As the sun warms the water in shallow-water bays and canals, springtime crappies are hungry and willing biters,…

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