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Lightning Look: The YHM Nitro 30 Suppressor

YHM’s NITRO provides a truly adaptable suppressor with interchangeable muzzle cap and rear cap options. The NITRO is also full-auto rated and will accommodate .300 Ultra Mag to .17 HMR. It comes with two different .30 caliber muzzle caps and two different rear caps. The Quick Disconnect…

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Infographic: How to Buy a Silencer

Buying a silencer can be a confusing process if you are uninformed. However, it’s actually fairly easy and you can either purchase one as an individual or through a legal trust. We created this infographic below to walk you through all of the steps and…

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Do you look as cool as these Navy SEALs in a desert training exercise? If the answer's yes, you probably refer to yourself as an operator. Take our quiz to find out if you have the knowledge to call yourself one.

Quiz: Are You Operator as &%#$?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Tier X, Super Delta Alpha operator? Do you conduct high-risk, low speed, high drag covert missions, specialize in direct action, combat search and rescue, and have the gear to prove it? Well, instead of…

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