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Video: A Rare Look Inside Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense is one of the most well-known modern arms makers in the United States. Last year, the CarbonTV team traveled down to Black Creek, Georgia to profile Marty Daniel, the founder of the company, for the show American Elements. They were given a rare glimpse into…

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U.S. Optics, Inc. Announces New Director for U.S. Optics Academy

U.S. Optics Academy names Master Sergeant Jim Gilliland as the new director to head its training program. Brea, California— January 8, 2016 — U.S. Optics Inc., an international riflescope and optics manufacturer, proudly announced today the appointment of Jim Gilliland as director of their training…

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Video: Bored Coyote Plays Fetch with Itself

What do coyotes do when they’re bored? The usual answer to this question is that they look for something to eat, but this coyote seems to have found something better instead: a half-deflated dog ball that somebody left behind. “I saw this guy playing on the…

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know whitetail feat

INFOGRAPHIC: How Well Do You Know Whitetail Subspecies?

Do you fancy yourself an expert on whitetail deer? Did you know that there are 38 distinct subspecies of whitetail and that 29 of those are native to North America? We recently collaborated with Cabela’s to dig deeper into what sets 10 of the most-frequently-hunted…

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