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The Original Smooth Body Stretch25+ is back.

Mann’s Reintroduces Stretch 25+

The classic lure that changed saltwater trolling forever is back; Mann’s Bait Company is once again manufacturing the Stretch 25+series with the widely popular Smooth bodied finish. The Stretch 25+ series of baits will dive to a depth of 25 feet with 150 feet of…

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ArmaLite Introduces Defensive Sporting Rifle Series

ArmaLite is pleased to announce the addition of its Defensive Sporting Rifle Series to its extensive line of rifles. This series includes three different models to meet every shooter’s needs: Defensive Sporting Rifle™ 15, Defensive Sporting Rifle 15F, and Defensive Sporting Rifle™ 10. Light weight…

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Archangel Introduces AAMINI Stock for Ruger Mini 14/30

The new Archangel AAMINI stock introduces a nearly indestructible, ergonomic, adjustable stock to the Ruger rifleman. ARCHANGEL’S proprietary formula of carbon fiber, glass fill and polymer creates a stock that is tough as nails and is guaranteed for life. Precision fit inlet and ridged construction…

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