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Do you look as cool as these Navy SEALs in a desert training exercise? If the answer's yes, you probably refer to yourself as an operator. Take our quiz to find out if you have the knowledge to call yourself one.

Quiz: Are You Operator as &%#$?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Tier X, Super Delta Alpha operator? Do you conduct high-risk, low speed, high drag covert missions, specialize in direct action, combat search and rescue, and have the gear to prove it? Well, instead of…

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Beginning anglers may have a lot of questions about lures vs bait. In fact, so do veteran fishermen as well.

Baits VS Lures: Which is More Beneficial?

Debates among fishing buddies can cover a wide range of topics. There is so much to agree or disagree on that much precious time can be lost in conversation. One of the many points to discuss when it comes to successful angling is which is…

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baSpring Snare2

When Each Calorie Counts: Top 10 Survival Traps

In this day and age, people think that technology will solve all their problems. Technology may light up your home, give you some entertainment, and even save your life. However, technology doesn’t quite solve everything! When you are lost in the woods while hunting, hiking,…

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