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National Stock Number Issued to Blue Force Gear

Blue Force Gear announced today that the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has assigned National Stock Number 1005-01-604-0627* to the Vickers Combat Applications Sling. (VCAS)  During combat trials in Afghanistan in 2011, U.S. Marines validated the VCAS as the issue sling for their new M27 Infantry…

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Peregrine Falcons Set High Marks for Nesting in Indiana

An experiment started more than 20 years ago to reintroduce peregrine falcons to Indiana is paying off with impressive numbers this spring. Sixteen nesting attempts have been observed and seven of those sites so far have hatched chicks, including two from Indiana’s most prolific peregrine—Kinney.…

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Griffy Lake, Indiana Sees Fishing Rule Changes

Anglers at Griffy Lake in Bloomington are allowed to keep more fish, effective immediately, in preparation for the draining of the lake this summer for maintenance. The city of Bloomington is draining Griffy Lake to work on its drain structure. The DNR is relaxing fishing…

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