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Colorado Parks & Wildlife

May 19 Events Get Northeast Colorado Families Outdoors

Families in the Denver and Pine area can choose from two events on May 19 to get outside and try wildlife recreation activities with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “Colorado’s wildlife needs families to get engaged and become future stewards of this precious natural resource,” said…

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Indiana Welcomes Back State Parks and Reservoirs, May 4-6

Celebrate the arrival of spring at Indiana’s state parks and reservoirs during Welcome Back Weekend, May 4-6, which features special outdoor recreational events and hands-on programs. “We roll out the red carpet to old friends and people who’ve never visited or haven’t visited recently,” said…

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UTS-15 Production Started in the U.S.

UTAS-USA, American manufacturer of the revolutionary UTS-15 tactical shotgun announced Tuesday that production has started on the civilian model of the UTS-15 in their new facility in Des Plaines, IL. UTAS’ Director of U.S. Operations, Matt Guzeldere stated today, “We’ve been working with UTAS Makine,…

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