Outdoors On The Farm

Outdoors On The Farm

Lovers of the outdoors are partnering with landowners across the country to rebuild wildlife strongholds and to maximize habitat. The Outdoors on the Farm pro staff understands the need for property management and that’s why they bring the success stories of how habitats are rebuilt by farmers and outdoorsmen to bring in revenue, help wildlife, and benefit the farmer and outdoorsmen by creating a place to have more fun outdoors on the farm.

With a pro staff with as much experience and range of outdoor knowledge as they have, Outdoors on the Farm guarantees to help farmers and outdoorsmen with maximizing habitat, property management, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities that fall in a certain pro staffer’s field.


Areas of Expertise: TV Show about Habitat management and maximizing property, hunting and fishing

Sponsors: Ram Trucks, Muck Boots,

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The Perfect Food Plot

Food plot planting can be very beneficial to your fall and spring activities. As for Chip Flory, he decided it was time to shut down the horse business and turn the pasture into a food plot area for himself, Emily, and Tom to hunt. Some…

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Pro Staff, Outdoors on the Farm

When Outdoors on the Farm got started, Chip Flory was looking for anyone to help out on the show. At first he would have the soon to be pro staff do a segment here and there on the U.S. Farm Report short shows Chip was…

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