Pheasants on the Flats

Pheasants on the Flats

Hunting Preserve Owner, Dog Trainer, Guide, and Chef. If you're looking for a day afield like you or your dad had back in the 1950s, 60s & 70s or if you're looking for the real experience and challenge of true upland hunting, then look no further: Pheasants on the Flats is the place for you!

We have been touted as the golf course of hunting preserves. Real, old time covers specifically planted & groomed for upland bird hunting the way it used to be!

Bog Sucker Flats – Hickory Hollow – The Flushing Fields - The Pointer Fields – The Blue Bird Park – The Ol’Man Field - Buddy & Mazies Covert - Kellys Pond & Training Area

Over 300 acres of diverse habitat is what makes the Flats so unique. The small grain fields, hedgerows, and marshes of yesteryear; the orchard grass of the Mid-West or the hawthorn thickets of the North East.

Let us tailor your special day afield, we have it all from Mild to Wild!

Areas of Expertise: Upland Hunting, Gun Dogs, Bird Guns

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Louies Barnes Corners

Grousing the Tug: Part Three

With best intentions of heading to Poor Road, the thought of sustenance struck our minds, and quickly won the battle by justifying an intermission to the hunt with “we must keep up our strength.” As such, we hightailed it in the direction of Barnes Corners.…

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Kev and our dogs

Grousing the Tug: Part Two

“How ya fellas doing?” bellowed the driver from the window of his old gray pickup. “You the fellas that hunt up here for birds every year?” “Well I do get up here every year,” I replied. But Poor Road had only as recent as last…

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Grousing the Tug

Grousing the Tug: Part One

We arrived in the Promised Land around 9AM Monday, took a quick stroll in a favorite covert and struck out. The sun was shining as we set up our day camp and then headed to the cabin around noon for a quick yet restless nap.…

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