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Pursue The Outdoors consists of a team of outdoor enthusiasts living in the Pacific Northwest who share a common passion for the outdoors and for helping others. Each member contributes their individual talents and knowledge to assist other outdoor enthusiasts in their own pursuit of the outdoors.

Through our Web site at, hunters, anglers, and other outdoor enthusiasts can connect with each other through blogs, forums, videos, and photos. They can also learn more about various outdoor activities through seminars, podcasts, articles, news stories, along with other tools and resources designed to help outdoor enthusiasts research, plan, and prepare for their next outdoor adventure.

When you're in the field or on the water, be on the lookout for Pursue The Outdoors Pro Staff and Field Staff members, and say hello.

Areas of Expertise: Team of outdoor enthusiasts living in the Pacific Northwest.

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Catch and Release Photography

Wildlife photography can be very challenging. This goes double for photographing trophy fish out on the water. A photographer has to contend with the weather, the rock of the boat, and the unpredictability of live fish struggling to get out of the fisherman’s hands and…

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Tips for Hunting with Attractants

Attractants can be one of the most powerful weapons in a hunter’s arsenal. Used correctly, it can bring the bucks in from long distances and set you up for the perfect shot. Most hunters use scents to attract bucks. Remember that adult bucks responding to…

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How To Get in Shape for Elk Season

Wilderness elk hunting is an athletic endeavor but you don’t need to kill yourself getting in shape. Cameron Hanes, fitness and bow hunting authority as well as TV show host and columnist for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, says moderation in exercise is a key…

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