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I am an outdoors fanatic along with my husband who is by my side for every outdoor event. I help him with his company called GSS Competition,LLC which is a retail online store. I love to hunt, fish, camp, hike, write, read and travel. I was born and raised a country girl from Pennsylvania. I grew up on a small farm and was raised to appreciate life and the value of hard work. My grandfather and my father both worked in the coalmines as well as farming. We raised cattle, chickens, and pigs. We grew crops from corn, clover, wheat, hay, and oats. We had a huge garden that we would feed the whole family and when it was canning time everyone helped out. My grandmother would take my sister and I black berry and cherry picking. We would pick the fruit and she baked the pies. It was always a treat to help out where ever we could.

I was twelve years old when I shot my first 300 30-06 Savage. My dad was shooting targets on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I asked my dad if I could shoot it too and he said yes you can. He handed me the rifle and told me what I needed to do and I followed through with all the instructions very carefully. I pulled the trigger when I had my sights lined up and before you knew it I was on the ground. I couldn't believe a gun could have that much power behind it. The real problem was, I was such a skinny little thing with no back bone to hold myself up. I never gave up though, I asked my Dad to take me hunting with him and he did. I was all excited to go hunting with him. I wore his clothes thinking how cool I was to wear my daddies’ orange jacket and hat. I was up before day break to go white tail hunting. I thought I could handle this until I cried when my daddy shot the deer. Unfortunate for me that was the last time he took me hunting with him. I never asked to go hunt! ing with him either after incident. My dad loved the outdoors and he took us fishing a lot when we were growing up and still today is my favorite sport. I don't know why, but ripping lips is what I enjoy. You can go fishing all year around, not just one season. You can catch some tiny ones or monsters, but either way they're fun to catch.

I told my husband around spring of 2000 that I was thinking about hunting with him sometime in the future. He bought me my first Remington 223 that year. I was shocked, and we used it for target practice. Then he bought me my hunting boots, were getting closer. The problem was my girls were still in school and too little for me to just go into the woods with him. So then I waited until they were much older to go hunting.

I came to him about five years ago and said “What are your thoughts about me going hunting with you next year?” He was shocked, but loved the idea. My first year hunting I shot my little button buck, I was all excited and no I didn't cry, but my husband seemed happier than I was about shooting my first animal. I think I was still in the shock mode of shooting it. Since, I have been hunting and shooting with him I have shot several deer including an antelope at 165 yards. I have became a member of the NRA, NWTF, and involved with Women in the Outdoors.  I love the outdoors, because to me it's about enjoying our time together bonding with one another without all the hustle and bustle of living. For one day the empty nest syndrome will be taking over us, and we have no control except live life to the fullest in the real outdoor world.

Areas of Expertise: Archery Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Boating, Camping and Hiking

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