Richard Bernier

Richard Bernier
“ Dick Bernier is a master at the game of tracking down trophy bucks, and he has the trophy room to prove it” - North American Whitetail Magazine R.G. Bernier, legendary whitetail buck hunter, consultant, award winning writer, award winning nature photographer, and author from Standish, Maine has devoted much of his life to studying, writing, photographing, and lecturing about the greatest animal God ever created, the whitetail deer. He is the author of four immensely popular books, The Deer Trackers and On The Track, and The Deer Tracker’s Journey, a coffee table book, which includes 235 color photos, and his newest release, Dickie The Deer – The Salvation Of a Fawn. R.G. writes monthly columns for regional publications devoted exclusively to the whitetail and the animals’ behavior. Dick is also the Northeastern Field Editor for Deer & Deer Hunting magazine, and a contributing writer for Whitetail News and writes a weekly blog at His articles and photography has appeared in every major outdoor publications in America including, Quality Whitetails, North American Whitetail, New En! gland Game and Fish, Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Petersen’s Hunting, North American Hunter and Sports Afield. In a news release issued by Deer & Deer Hunting in 2003 with the appointment of Bernier as the magazine’s newest field editor, Dan Schmidt, editor of the publication said this, “R.G. Bernier is really a living legend. He has perfected the craft of outsmarting wilderness bucks, having tracked down and killed dozens of hog-bodied whitetails and knows more about deer behavior than many professional biologists.”

Areas of Expertise: Deer hunting, Nature photography, Turkey hunting.

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All types of game animals make impressions characterizing their whereabouts.

Tracking Game Animals: It’s Elementary

Every creature that moves on the planet leaves a mark of its passing, regardless of how subtle its movements are or what type of surface it travels upon. From the little footprint of the Bushman in the heart of the Kalahari Desert, to the lug…

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Making Sense of Scents

“The whitetail’s nose has caused many hunters to shake clenched fists in vengeance in the direction of a whistling snort. Here, the quarry is well alerted even when danger is not seen or heard.” –George Mattis As I sat in the restaurant enjoying a fine…

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Opinion: Do We Really Need Deer Hunting Super Heroes?

“Hunting is a recreation and invigorating pastime that never should, through a super-civilized, over-artificialized state of living be allowed to die out.” -Paulina Brandreth  I can still remember Saturday mornings as a kid. With excitement, I’d sit spellbound before the television for hours watching my favorite animated…

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A Bowhunter’s Success: Tree Stand or Ground Attack?

Successful deer hunting with the bow demands by far the greatest skill in woodcraft and stalking, plus the most intimate knowledge of the personal habits and characteristics of the game. -Lawrence Koller, Shots at Whitetails Concealed amidst a splendid tapestry of multicolored leaves, the vigilant archer waits…

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Opinion: The Best Whitetail Rifle

Tracking wilderness whitetails through the primeval forests of the northeast is a very specialized form of deer hunting. The demands placed upon the deer tracker are both physically challenging and mentally intense. In order to achieve success at this hard man’s game, your senses must…

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